Killjoy Boca Raton Tries to Ruin Everyone's Halloween Spirit

Is there anything better than a truly ghoulish Halloween yard? I know some people find them tacky, but give me skeletons, zombies, witches, dry ice, and fake spiderwebs and I am a happy woman, indeed. In short, Halloween rocks. And Rick Newman of Boca Raton, Florida CLEARLY agrees with me.

For the past few years, Newman has gone all out on his house. There are skeletons, zombies, a fountain of blood replete with floating snakes, and eyeballs, and this year, he was going to add a live component, too. A group of girls was going to perform the "Thriller" dance from Michael Jackson's video on his driveway.

And that is when the town stepped in. Apparently, one needs a permit to do a live dance performance. LAME!


Through the years, his house has become the go-to Halloween house (big shock) and people have offered him money. Though he used to refuse it, he now takes it and donates it to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. So he donates to charity, loves Halloween, and goes over the top having a bit of fun with it all? I say yahoo!

To be fair, the city is trying to be accommodating. They offered to help him move it, etc., but that just spoils the fun. Part of what is so cool about the idea is that it's homegrown. Kids have probably grown up seeing Newman's displays and they want to be part of it.

I totally remember the house down the block from mine growing up that had a sick Christmas display with an animatronic Santa. There were tours and it was all lit up, and the man who ran it did it all for free. Going there was a treasured holiday memory. So why is the town trying to cramp Newman's style here?

The live performance is meant to happen October 21, and if he continues with it in spite of the warning, he will be heavily fined. So, Boca Raton is basically the Halloween Grinch. Sometimes there are rules that make sense and sometimes they just seem arbitrary and silly. Why can't a man have a dance performance on a property he owns? How is that really such a problem?

If I were there, I would attend in a heartbeat. This guy rocks, and if the city ruins his display with their bureaucratic nonsense, people should be pretty darn annoyed.

Do you find this silly?


Image via Sarah_Ackerman/Flickr

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