Casey Anthony Can't Help Cheating the Court System Again


Casey AnthonyMark this one under "not surprising in the least bit": Casey Anthony had a meeting with her probation officers this week, and the "tot mom" has failed to go out and get a job since a jury found her not guilty in the murder of daughter Caylee. Now for the real news: this means she's not meeting the conditions of her probation, which keep her out on the street despite her conviction on a check fraud case that has nothing to do with the child's death. And she probably never will.

The Florida Department of Corrections report released to the media this week says Anthony is not violating her probation ... yet. But Anthony has a directive to "work diligently at a lawful occupation" during her one-year stint under court supervision. They're giving her a break because the Florida unemployment rate is in the double digits, and she's not the only parolee with no options.

Still, it sounds like Casey is getting off easy. Again. But let's talk common sense here.

Would you hire Casey Anthony? Because most people wouldn't. A Rasmussen survey shows only 12 percent of Americans think she is truly "not guilty" in the murder of her daughter. That's nationwide. Now, for her to find one of them to give her a job, she'd have to hope one of that 12 percent of Americans is A) an employer, B) looking for workers, C) not afraid of the repercussions to his/her business if a customer learns Casey Anthony works there. Oh yeah, and even if she could find someone who meets all of those criteria, Anthony THEN has to find one who is actually in the State of Florida, where she must reside at the moment under a court order.

Good luck with that.

Then there's the other snafu that is life as Casey Anthony.

Right now her life is in such danger that the courts are even protecting the location of her home from the media, using legalese to thwart the Freedom of Information Act that would normally make a criminal on probation's whereabouts fair game for reporters. If her life is in mortal danger, how is she supposed to go to work? Would you want to hire an employee who could draw gun-toting whackos to your building? Exactly.

Suffice it to say, Casey Anthony is not expected to meet the rules of her probation, and she probably never will. She's going to cheat the system again ... and this time it's not even her fault. Well, not exactly.

Is this fair to the rest of the criminals out there?



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DebaLa DebaLa

... she can become a WAHM, that is... EX mom.

nonmember avatar ele4phant

While Casey is guilty of a great deal, one thing she is not to blame is the circus the media decided to throw for her. I mean, it was a sensational story, but there was no need for it to be endlessly covered. She may be guilty of the crime, but the media is guilty of giving her notority.

olivi... olivia205

Hope she has to live out of dumpsters to survive but mostly I hope she doesn't live much longer.

mojoe... mojoe12776

Why doesnt Florida DOC give her a job? She can scrub a toilet, mob a floor, cant she?

Boobo... Boobookittt74

Wow poooooor Casey Anthony is having it pretty rough I guess! I'll have sympathy when she's dead. Wait no I won't!

sweet... sweetcherry_59

She is not the only parolee being cut a break so it doesn't seem like special treatment to me. She is not going to be able to find work anywhere, no one is going to want to be tied to her name. 

nonmember avatar Mike

She's not a parolee. Parolee's are people who have served a jail sentence as a result of conviction and have since been released. Casey is simply, 'on Probation'.

nonmember avatar No $ 4 Murder

Why is she being given special treatment? Baez lied when he said she is receiving therapy.. she checked she has not. There are online jobs she could do and ways for her to complete her HS diploma online ! WHY is she being allowed to skate by laying around Dorothy Clay Simms ranch and drink wine? If it was anyone of us, we would have been violated already!
Pls sign petition to violate her probation.. Thanks!

nonmember avatar Bmore

Not so fast... I thought she had to be either working or a student. From last reports she's taking classes online. That will keep her out of the public until she can move far away... The loser will have to get her GED first...

Darlene Wdarlene

If there are no jobs to be had, that is not her fault or any other unemployed person for that matter. Just bcause the media and people like this blogger are obsessed with `everything Anthony' does not change a thing. It's rough all over in case you haven't noticed.

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