Pedophiles Should Be Protected in Prison


Everybody hates pedophiles. This is true whether you're out in the world or stuck in prison with them. And in prison, pedophiles often rank just above (and sometimes below) germs and fleas. In the general prison population, pedophiles are often the ones most in danger of being raped, stabbed, or otherwise attacked.

Most people don't care, because really? Who is going to defend a pedophile?

Mitchell Harrison, 23, was an inmate in England, charged with raping a 13-year-old girl. He is the second pedophile to be attacked in the prison in one year. Just last year killer Ian Huntley, convicted of the murder of two 10-year-old girls, had his throat slashed. 

Let's face it: No one is crying for Harrison with the exception of maybe his mother (and what did she do wrong?).

There is no sympathy for people who steal the innocence of children and violently attack them, so if they're disemboweled in prison, well, it serves them right. It's true.

On the other hand, justice isn't based on emotion. And it shouldn't be. If it were, every court in the world would just let victims tear the perps to pieces in the street. Maybe we would all like it that way (I know I would), but it's not reasonable nor civilized and, dare I say, it isn't the kind of culture most of us would want to live in. We can tell a lot about a society by the way they treat their criminals.

Let's not house pedophiles at the Ritz, but let's also not assume that they will be safe in the general prison population, especially when history tells us otherwise.

It's a tough pill to swallow -- this idea that our tax dollars would pay any extra to give pedophiles solitary confinement, but maybe one prison or one wing of the prison could house all the pedophiles. There really ought to be some obvious, inexpensive ways to keep prisoners from disemboweling one another.

Nobody wants to be near a pedophile. And no one could blame the prisoners for wanting to not be in the midst of such depravity. There is a code of honor even among criminals and raping little girls falls outside of it.

Still, if someone doesn't get a death sentence, we can't stand idly by, clapping our hands when he is put to death. That isn't how justice works. So, pedophiles should be locked away where they will never see the light of day. No one can harm them, but they can't harm anyone, either.

Do you think pedophiles should get special treatment?


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Mama2... Mama2MonkeyBoys

No. Sorry. I'm not supporting my tax dollars going toward giving criminals more protections. It's fairly widely known that pedophiles are not popular in prisons - well, some of them are, but not in ways they'd like. I'm not going to lose any sleep over their treatment. Prisoners already get more amenities than they deserve. If a child molester gets raped and beaten on a daily basis in prison, that's all right by me.

nonmember avatar emily

I disagree with you. Yes the mother of the pedophile might be upset about her sons death, but why don't you ask the little girls and little boys and their parents how they feel about the person who violently forced himself inside them? The physical pain.... horrible. The emotional... describable. If a man raped my one of my daughters, I'd be relieved and yes, happy, he was dead. And I doubt these children who were so wronged and brutally hurt give a crap that these pieces of shit are dead. I'm glad theyre dead. Its my personal opinion that any man, 18 or over, SHOULD be put to death for raping a child. This is just appalling you think we should pay for THEIR safety. HELL NO. The parents of these children and the children themselves when they grow up, pay taxes. How would YOU feel about paying to keep your childs rapist safe? HELL no. I admit, I'd try to kill them myself.

mamma... mammajen030407

I with ya mama2monkeyboys. I say to throw their asses to the masses and see how they like having their bums ripped up and being beaten senseless. I have NO tolerance for someone that mistreats a child!!!

purpl... purpleducky

No. Then again, I am the type that is 'an eye for an eye' when it comes to sexual assault crimes. I think rapists should have to be raped and have to feel what it is like. They deserve whatever they get from their prison mates.

nonmember avatar emily


sweet... sweetcherry_59

I'm with mama2monkeyboys. Why in the hell should more of my tax dollars go to protecting these creeps? Why not take those tax dollars and invest them in keeping these young girls safe and alive....or for the ones that aren't murdered put that money into their counseling. 

I say let them be harrassed and beat up in prison.....they deserve it,. 

Billie Jo Evans

They're only giving the justice that the government can't provide and the pedofile learns how their actions affected their victim(s).

purpl... purpleducky

Actually sweetcherry, many states will reimburse for medical expenses incurred due to being a victim of a crime.

Tracey Plummer

That is such a good idea! Throw all the pedophiles into jail together and then they can spend all their time comparing stories and finding better ways to hurt even more kids when they are're a genius!

I will admit, there isn't a simple solution, but your entire articles just seems ways too naive.

Troys... TroysMommy1220

The pedophile didn't care about that childs protection when he was molesting her...why should ANYONE care about his protection while he's in prison for doing so?

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