Amanda Knox Is Not Guilty -- But Not Innocent

amanda knoxIn a stunning reversal today, Amanda Knox won her appeal of her conviction for the murder of former roommate Meredith Kercher. She gets to go home at last. Amanda, her family, and supporters can breathe a sigh of relief.

And yet, at least for me, Amanda leaves the Italian court trailing clouds of suspicion. I think she may know a little more about what happened than she's willing to say. And it's the Italian police's fault that she can't say more.


In her first interrogation with the police, I think Amanda was trying to be helpful, offering as much information that she could. Maybe she was outdoors near the time the murder occurred. Maybe she saw something. But once it became clear that she was a target of the investigation, she had no choice but to take herself completely out of the picture -- even if that meant slowing down the investigation.

It seems pretty fair to say that the Meredith Kercher murder story has been about clumsy attempts at covering up sloppy police work. They failed to read Amanda her rights or provide a translator, and they didn't allow her an attorney the first night she was interrogated. Whether or not they coerced Amanda's first statement by roughing her up almost doesn't matter -- they got enough wrong to discredit themselves. And the theories the investigators put forward would have been laughable if the consequences weren't so dire. A Satanic ritual? Really? Were there any grown-ups on this case?

Still, some questions linger. We'll never know why Amanda chose to throw suspicion for the murder on her former employer, Patrick Lumumba. And we'll never know exactly where she was the night of the murder.

Amanda Knox is no murderer, but she's not completely innocent, either. Did she alter her testimony to avoid getting convicted by an obviously incompetent investigation? We may never know.


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