Amanda Knox Is Not Guilty -- But Not Innocent


amanda knoxIn a stunning reversal today, Amanda Knox won her appeal of her conviction for the murder of former roommate Meredith Kercher. She gets to go home at last. Amanda, her family, and supporters can breathe a sigh of relief.

And yet, at least for me, Amanda leaves the Italian court trailing clouds of suspicion. I think she may know a little more about what happened than she's willing to say. And it's the Italian police's fault that she can't say more.

In her first interrogation with the police, I think Amanda was trying to be helpful, offering as much information that she could. Maybe she was outdoors near the time the murder occurred. Maybe she saw something. But once it became clear that she was a target of the investigation, she had no choice but to take herself completely out of the picture -- even if that meant slowing down the investigation.

It seems pretty fair to say that the Meredith Kercher murder story has been about clumsy attempts at covering up sloppy police work. They failed to read Amanda her rights or provide a translator, and they didn't allow her an attorney the first night she was interrogated. Whether or not they coerced Amanda's first statement by roughing her up almost doesn't matter -- they got enough wrong to discredit themselves. And the theories the investigators put forward would have been laughable if the consequences weren't so dire. A Satanic ritual? Really? Were there any grown-ups on this case?

Still, some questions linger. We'll never know why Amanda chose to throw suspicion for the murder on her former employer, Patrick Lumumba. And we'll never know exactly where she was the night of the murder.

Amanda Knox is no murderer, but she's not completely innocent, either. Did she alter her testimony to avoid getting convicted by an obviously incompetent investigation? We may never know.


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reiki... reikiharmony

Lame. I wish you guys would stop with the sensational headlines that don't accurately portary your story or the point you're making. If it's true that she does know something but couldn't say it because of the way the Italian "justice" system works, that doesn't make her less than innocent or involved.

nonmember avatar ele4phant

I really know nothing about this case, but wasn't her Italian pretty poor when she was arrested? It would be hard, I think, to communicate clearly and correctly in a foreign language you are only semi-familiar with in everyday circumstances, much less under intense interrogations.

sweet... sweetcherry_59

We will never know if she was guilty or innocent but I don't believe there was enough evidence to prove the prosecutions case beyond a reasonable doubt. I think the second she gets out she needs to hi tail it back to the US. She is just a moving target over there. 


arlis... arliss123

I read recently that they interrogated her without an interpreter, in an umfamilar language, and that she had not had any food for 20 hours. If I hadn't eaten for 20 hours, I would be saying anything and everything. My blood sugar drops if I go only six or so hours during the day, without food, and I get shaky and emotional. I hate to think what happen to me after 20 hours.

nonmember avatar richiebenaud

Fair assessment, she knows more than she can now say, thanks to Inspector Clousio. Media hype, extravagant fund raising and Italiaphobia do not disguise her complicity

nonmember avatar Logic

Read through the case, have plenty of experience in criminal investigation. Knox and her boyfriend are so obviously completely innocent it borders on ludicrous. This shouldn't have been a remotely difficult case to investigate. Guidance very obviously killed her. There should be an investigation into the prosecutor and police. That's what the media should be calling for.

tuffy... tuffymama

The language barrier and more than a full day of ceaseless interrogation led to her unwittingly LumubaN who had been pointed at by someone else entirely. Read your FACTS before you call someone's innocence of INVOLVEMENT IN MURDER into question, Dork.

Francis Xavier Verrall

I am so pleased to be british and not a part of a self righteous society machine such as exists in the United States.
Amanda Knox may not have wielded the knife but only a fool would doubt her complicity in this horrific crime.
Knox and Sollecito have been freed by a totally biased PR Steamroller and a specially appointed judge who chose to direct the jury to allow the whole case to rest on two doubful pieces of forensic evidence and, in doing so, negated over 10,000 pages of highly relevant evidence.
Meredith's family were never going to get justice from a legal process that was ultimately being directed by powerful U.S influences and above all, money!!!

danim... danimc1984

Francis, I totally agree with you.

nonmember avatar lanette

i thik once again a murderer ha walked free. i dont think that she physically did the killing but there is no doubt she is involved. who takes a shower when the find blood (even small amounts) on the floor and there apt. door open? why was rafielli's dna found on merediths bra clasp? why would a knife containing knox and merediths dna (no matter how small the amount) be found in rafielli's apt.? although most of the evidence is circumstantial, when its all put together it fits, and most important i dont care how tiered, hungry or scared you are, why would you confess to being at the scene of the crime in such detail if you werent? your not gonna die of starvation in 20 hrs.

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