$4.6 Million Donation to NYPD Smells Like a Payoff

Chase wall streetThe Occupy Wall Street movement took a lot of unnecessary heat from, well, The Heat this weekend. First, Deputy Inspector Anthony Bologna maced women in an act of clear, unwarranted police brutality, and then there were mass arrests on the Brooklyn Bridge for absolutely no good reason. So, as if the NYPD didn't already look like total jerks, there's more disturbing news coming out about who's backing their movement to break up the peaceful Occupy Wall Street demonstration.

JPMorgan Chase -- one of the biggest banksters that Occupy Wall Street is standing up to -- made the largest donation in the history of the New York City Police Foundation to the NYPD's nonprofit organization ... just in the nick of time! They donated $4.6 million, supposedly to fund new laptops in patrol cars and security monitoring software. Seems pretty benign ... at first.


Clearly, CEO Jamie Dimon said he hopes the donation shows how much they value the NYPD's "hard work." I'm sure that's, uh, part of it. But it's more likely he appreciates how hard the NYPD worked to put demonstrators in their place. The bribe-like donation is so blatant, it's almost unbelievable!

Then again, it also illustrates to a tee what the Occupy Wall Street movement is about. This kind of shady corruption and government being in bed with greedy corporations is so outrageous, it's an insult to New Yorkers and the American people. Regardless of when the donation took place, I'd be hard-pressed to think of any other reason that JPMorgan would have given such a "generous" chunk of change other than to influence the city-run institution.

And you know, it's indicative of the very disease that pervades all levels of government. We can't even vote in politicians who haven't been bought in some way, shape, or form by these white-collar criminals anymore. That's why there has never been a better time for the "99 percent" to stand up and call for an end to corporate corruption. With hope, the OWS movement has only just begun.

What do you think about JPMorgan Chase making this donation to the NYPD?


Image via Michael Daddino/Flickr

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