'Occupy Wall Street' Protesters Were Set Up by the NYPD


occupy wall street arrestI wonder if the NYPD ever made over 700 arrests in one day before the Occupy Wall Street protests.That's 700 arrests, by the way, of people who weren't actually breaking the law. Of people who were, in fact, merely following police orders.

Yes, the Occupy Wall Street movement carries on, despite reports of unwarranted arrests and police brutality suffered by peaceful protesters over the past week. But today's events could be considered the most outrageously heavy-handed tactics employed by law enforcement yet.

"Accounts vary," but video evidence supports claims that the NYPD led some 500 demonstrators into one lane of traffic on the Brooklyn Bridge, were they were then corralled with orange netting and arrested.

Of course the police are telling a slightly different story ...

Deputy commissioner Paul Browne says that protesters were clearly instructed to stay on the bridge's pedestrian walkway, which runs at a level above the road, and that those who ignored this directive to proceed along the vehicular roadway are the only ones who were arrested.

So what really happened in the Battle of Brooklyn Bridge, as it's already being called?

Some protesters are taking a neutral stance, saying that the whole thing was a miscommunication of sorts: There was a bottleneck leading into the pedestrian walkway and demonstrators were under the impression that the vehicular roadway was open to them.

Whichever way the whole mess got started, I find it nearly impossible to defend the officers who arrested a girl who appears to be in her early teens. Her age hasn't been confirmed, but the young woman's appearance was youthful enough for the sight of her being led off in handcuffs to elicit shouts of "You're arresting a child!" and "Shame, shame, shame" from the surrounding crowd. Really? The kid's hat has animal ears on it, NYPD. This is what a threat to security looks like?

Check out this video clip and tell me what you think ...

Did the NYPD cross the line in the so-called Battle of the Brooklyn Bridge?


Image via YouTube

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Go Og

Do these goofy liberals even know what they are protesting? Our society has become so backwards its unreal you know you have choices to not buy products from a corporation if you do not agree with them but in the mean time they should mine their own damn business.

Ladyw... Ladywithtwo

@ Go Og, peaceful protests are legal REGARDLESS of their purpose. What the Nypd did is shameful

nonmember avatar Anon Ymous

I was searching You Tube, and once upon a time someone actually tried to do something about police powers, even wrote legislation about it and held a hearing in Connecticut's legislature with academics, victims, politicians, and the 'leading police accountability experts in North America'. There's even a link to an hour video of the hearing's highlights, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xdDIp5PlW60 , and some of it was dynamite.

What there isn't is the fellow that wrote the legislation and chaired the hearing, Ritt Goldstein, since he was forced to flee the country, today living in exile in Sweden (Google him to see what I mean).

Yes, maybe the demonstrators have a point, and it's good that they have the courage to make it. It does seem that some things need to change.

nonmember avatar Kim

@ Go Og...but its OK if its the Tea Party, right? F off

John George

how dare the cops turn against the public ever! this is a disgrace against the cops! they should not only help them but should back the american people! arresting those people is a total insult to the american people! this should happen all over the country against a failed government! godspeed to all those people trying to make a change for the better!

Andrew Stergiou

Neo_Cons liberal Conservative Democrat Republican take Bloopberg the NYC Berlusconi, Gouliani, George W Bushwack, George Obama and Sarah the pale face and go to hell these know exactly what they are protesting they have more of a right to protest than the CIA Mossad Iranian Supported Arab Sporing demostrators they protes for me a poor home owner sucked into attempted with a treacherous system that has no longer any honor integrity nor honesty!! So what ate they protesting for what every American should demonstrate for: a system which doesn't rob the poor to support the rich; against the bailout of crooked criminal banker extortionists, a society which strips itself of hypocrisy; a country that does not murder its own citizens without trial, if they are underage insane mentallky retarded,; country that the Nazis do not model themselves after as Hitler did in 1933 to copy segregation; a country where soldiers defend their country not the profits of profiteering imperialist corporations; an end to the Homeland Insecure Police State; a free country; a country where children are educated without bias discrimination privilege and without extortionist student loans that has created a class of indentured citizens; a country where those elected to the highest political offices are not elected because they are rich not cater to the rich as bought political flunkies and stooges who pass laws without reading the legislation they enact.

Simply a free country!

Andrew Stergiou

PS I am an expatriated Brooklyn Born New York who was economically forced from the city of my birth because it is cheaper to rent a house or make down payments on a house in rural small town A,merica than it is to afford the rent on a decent single room in New City City: Who bought a house in small tpown America to become ensnarled in an endless money pit of house ownership subject to the whims and fancies of a crooked financial banking system, deregulation and speculators.

nonmember avatar jessica

They know exactly what they're protesting. The plutocracy must end if we are going to have any kind of equality in this country. October 15th.

Andrew Stergiou

PSS to hell with the police robber baron state of goons crooks lawyers and theives for the Talmud says theives such as they are found guilty where as robbers are not whereas robbers rob in plain sight knowing all can see and fear punishment  whereas theives steal thinking no one see that g-d does not see and no one will judge them though judgement of them will be more harsh for at least robbers believe in g-d and theives do not.

hotic... hoticedcoffee

If she old enough to "protest", she's old enough to be arrested. 

This was little more than a pack of idiots hanging out in a deserted part of the city and trying to be relevent.  I suspect they purposely went where they weren't supposed to, so they could churn up some police activity and actually appear important.  This is a perfect anecdote for just how useless young people are these days - they can't even protest with any amount of integrity or effectiveness.

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