Michelle Obama's Target Shopping Spree Was Ruined by Photographers


michelle obamaI'm sure Michelle Obama expects to run into paparazzi everywhere she goes, but I'm still sorry the First Lady's trip to Target turned into an impromptu photo shoot. Shouldn't the fact that she was in full undercover mode -- dark glasses, hair hidden in a baseball cap -- count for something? Perhaps Mrs. Obama should try wearing a ski mask the next time she needs to pick up some Febreze or a new shower curtain liner.

Part of me agrees with the argument that people who choose to be in the public eye shouldn't complain about, well, being in the public eye. But just because she's the President's wife doesn't mean she's not a human being.

What's she supposed to do, give her list of personal errands to an intern? There are some things a gal's just gotta do for herself.

For example, I don't like sending anybody else to buy fruits and veggies for me, because I'm picky and I want to inspect the produce myself. (I swear some people can't tell ripe from rotten.) And Target is one of those places, for better or worse, where half the stuff you walk out with wasn't even on your mind when you walked in.

Hmmm, I didn't know I wanted that, but now that I see it ... into the cart it goes!

Why shouldn't Michelle Obama be able to impulse shop in a "discount" chain store like the rest of us? She is an American woman, after all.

It's not like the First Lady texted nude photos of herself or something. That type of celeb privacy invasion is different, in my opinion. Even though I maintain that, say, Scarlett Johansson is also a human being and also deserving of respect, when a smokin' hot star takes nude pics of any other variety besides Polaroids to be immediately locked in a safe deposit box, well, she's asking for trouble.

But Michelle Obama was fully clothed, even to the point of going incognito. Let the woman shop for school supplies and Halloween candy in peace.

Do you think Michelle Obama should have been left alone while shopping at Target?


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mustb... mustbeGRACE

Ruined or bolstered?

nonmember avatar jilly444

Get real! It was totally staged to make people feel like she's "one of us". You don't give Obama's camp enough credit. They're great at reeling people in and then stomping on their hopes.

nonmember avatar Really?

From what I read about her trip, she WAS left alone for the most part. An AP photog apparently snapped a picture of her leaving the store.

nonmember avatar Mary

Really?? Do you not realize that it was her own PR people who tipped off the press that she was there? We are already moving into full campaign mode

lehof... lehoffman

While I feel bad for her, I don't exactly think she needs to be left alone. I haven't seen any pictures of her actually shopping, only after the checkout so maybe she did get to shop in peace. I suppose the photographers get old, but I think I could probably handle my Target shopping with people following me. 

nonmember avatar markpower36

REALLY?? Wow - must be a "slow news day" for THIS crap to get coverage. Jesus God, Leave the woman alone - she's got kids, sometimes one needs a little damned privacy no matter who they are. Get over yourselves.

tinyp... tinypossum

What a bunch of cynics. I don't think a stupid shopping trip to Target was a staged event for campaign purposes. Seriously, that's ridiculous. I think she went out to be a normal person for a few minutes and someone spotted her and took some pictures. The article said it isn't uncommon for her to go out and about in the city. This time, someone noticed. 

nonmember avatar rgene

If a member of the press followed her, the Secret Serice agents in charge of her should be fired or at least reassigned for negligence. If the secret service failed to notice a photographer taking her picture or stalking her, they should be fired or reassigned. If the secret service allowed her to walk around a public location that was not previously secured, they were negligent and should be fired. Assuming the Secret Service did their job, then she was aware the photographer was there and that her publicist informed him where she would be. To suggest otherwise is to accuse the Secret Service agents of neglecting their duties.

guita... guitarmom1

This was definitely staged. In 2 1/2 years has she been "normal" shopping? Isn't it strange that after the media told us about her extravagant trips to Spain, Africa, Colorado, etc...she has the need to show us she is just "one of us". PLEASE! 

nonmember avatar justbee

I happen to believe Mrs. Obama is generally just a down to earth person. To entertain the thought that this was done for campaign purposes is ridiculous. I mean seriously, wouldn't/couldn't she find a better place than Target to choose as a platform for campaigning. She's just like every other woman who needs time for themselves and l think it helps to keep her humble. The problem with the press is that no matter where she was it would be blown out of proportion. People are gonna talk if she's out spending to much money and complain when they think she's not spending enough. Let's try showing a little more respect and consideration for our President and his lovely wife!

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