Grandmother Gives Worst 'Reason' for Tossing 2-Year-Old Over Mall Balcony


Relationships between women are often fraught with drama and pain, especially the ones between mothers and daughters. But no one's story is as awful as Mary Kathlyn Ogdoc's. The young mom lost her 2-year-old daughter last year after her own mother tossed her from a mall skywalk in Virginia.

Apparently, this grandmother had a reason for murdering her toddler granddaughter in such a cruel and horrific way. She hated her son-in-law who impregnated her daughter out of wedlock when she was 19. Oh and this: She felt the little girl came between her and her daughter.

I am going out on a limb to say what actually came between her and her daughter is the fact that she is a RAGING PSYCHO. It's unconscionable that she could even think that is a good "reason" to murder a child. And the worst part is her defense team is trying to prove she is insane.

During testimony, poor Ogdoc couldn't even bring herself to refer to her mother, calling her only "the defendant." And who could blame her? Their relationship was described as "frosty" even prior to the murder, which seems almost nice given what her mother was capable of doing.

But she isn't insane. Because an insane person can't reason and "reason" Carmela Dela Rosa did. She "reasoned" that killing an innocent child for a perceived slight made sense.

There is no forgiveness for a woman like this. Her poor daughter has to live with the fact that someone she trusted to be around her little girl did this awful thing to her. There isn't enough guilt in the world for poor Ogdoc. And yet, it isn't her fault. Not at all. She was right there, at the mall, when her mother did it. She saw it happen. Short of cutting her mother off completely, there was nothing she could do.

Her mother shouldn't get the luxury of being called insane, though let's face it: No sane person would do this. Clearly she is mentally ill, but the insane label just seems too kind. Why let her off so easily? What she did is evil, malicious, and beyond anything anyone should ever have to live through.

The jury heard a videotaped confession from Dela Rosa to detectives. In it, she said she tossed little Angelyn off the bridge as revenge on her son-in-law. Dela Rosa also admitted that she was jealous of Angelyn for stealing the family's love away from her. They also had to see surveillance video of Dela Rosa deliberately tossing the girl off the 45-foot walkway.

There are no words to express how sad this is. And her "reason" makes it all the worse. She needs to disappear forever.

Do you think she is legally insane?


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colin... colins_mom

No no NO! She is not insane! Ok well maybe a little bit but NOT enough to get off on killing that innocent baby!

ashth... ashthecat

This makes me ill. what a sick excuse for a human being.

Stacey Busenbark Sanders

How Horrific. This story makes me sick-how in the hell could someone do that to their Grandchild???

cocob... cocobeannns

Of course she's insane, but I don't believe that should be used as an excuse for people to get away with murder.

nonmember avatar Emily

I've read a lot of stories that have made me feel sick, this one actually came the closest to making me actually puke. What did she think, that killing her daughters child would make her daughter love her more? I mean, clearly she is insane, but IDK, in this case insane doesn't seem like a good enough reason to spare her. I can't imagine having to see my perfect little two year old watching cartoons in the living room as I type this be tossed over a railing like garbage. I can't imagine not being that helpless. This poor woman. That poor baby. And as opposed to the death sentence as I am - I think if there is anyone who doesn't deserve life its someone who would kill a baby.

dirti... dirtiekittie

she might be mentally unstable, but not insane (yes, there's a difference). she's harbored this grudge and hatred for TWO years - how can you not call that premeditated??

Melis... Melissa042807

Mentally unstable? Yes. Insane? I dunno. But I think she should spend the rest of her life in prison. 

momav... momavanessa

She is a monster but forgiviness is only up to her daughter and not for anyone else to try to say other wise.

xavie... xavierlogan09

I don't think she is insane or mentally unstable. I think she is a terrible person who would do anything to get what she wants. Some people will commit murder for no reason or for a reason that is ridiculous. There is no reason to murder but you don't have to be crazy,insane,or mentally unstable to commit murder. I think a lot of these women we hear or read about say they have mental issues to get a lesser sentence or to be kept out of prison. She deserves to die the same way she killed her granddaughter. 

Gypsy... GypsyMa76

See You Next Tuesday, her punishment should be the the same fate she inflicted on that poor innocent child. Heartbreakingly awful :(

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