Amanda Knox Trial Is Turning Into One Big Joke


amanda knoxIt's hard to believe it's been over four years since this whole Amanda Knox/Meredith Kercher mess began. Seems like less. Or more. I don't know. Who can even tell anymore? All I know is that every few months, Amanda and her case make their way back into headlines, and this is one of those weeks. With good reason.

Yesterday, as closing arguments continued in Knox’s murder-conviction appeal, Carlo Pacelli, the lawyer of Patrick Lumumba, the bar owner Amanda accused (aka was pressured by cops to accuse) of killing Kercher, referred to her as a "lying, sex-loving she devil."

But he didn't stop there. And what's worse is that to defend her, one of the defense lawyers then described her as a super sexy, sort of slutty Disney character. Oof.

Giulia Bongiorno told the court that Knox isn’t the "femme fatale" prosecutors are describing, but instead a loving and faithful woman -- you know, just like the strapless dress-clad, sex pot cartoon character Jessica Rabbit from Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Then Bongiorno, who is actually the lawyer for Raffaele Sollecito (Amanda’s ex-boyfriend and co-defendant in the murder), explained that Knox -- like Ms. Rabbit -- "is not bad, she’s just drawn that way."

This, of course, was a retaliation against Pacelli's "she devil" comments, and the fact that he also asked the court to judge Knox “based on her personality when the crime occurred in November 2007,” rather than the image of a tired young girl who has spent four years in jail. He continued, when Kercher was murdered, Knox “was a concentrated mix of sex, drugs, and alcohol” who “loved strong emotions and dangerous games." Clearly, Jessica Rabbit was the only obvious defense.

This case is turning into a joke, a circus. It's an over-the-top media spectacle where the star is a pretty young thing and the tertiary characters are getting more and more outlandish, almost as if they're trying to hold on to their 15 minutes of fame. What kind of professional lawyer refers to someone he's accusing of murder as a "sex-crazed she devil"? And what kind of moron has a jackass rebuttal like a "Jessica Rabbit" reference? It's ridiculous.

This case needs to end, and it needs to end swiftly. But since the odds of that happening are slim at best, it should at least be less publicized. Because it seems like all this attention is starting to mess with people's heads.

Do you think Amanda Knox is guilty?


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nonmember avatar SK

Absolutely not guilty of murdering Merideth Kirtcher. Guilty of being a ditz and having seriously bad judgement? Yes, but there's no law against that I'm aware, lest pretty much any and all party-prone college kids would be incarcerated for life post-haste.

nonmember avatar Simonneau David

You've asked "Do you think she's guilty" ? Why not! Each part wants to proove demoniac or not... But the main fact was what she said the first time to the Police. She accused a man, she was in the kitchen, hearing everything during the murder.It was a lie, and some people said to defend her that, it was persecusion's Police. And now she said, she was with her boyfriend watching a film !
One time in my life, for a weapon's case, policemen've asked me many questions, try to proove wrong fact, don't gave me any food, any drink and that during many hours, without lawyer. At the end, i was very tired but telling the truth was still easy. Even probably for that "poor girl", if she was with her boyfriend, she was able to keep that story, instead accused a black monster man killing her friend close to her. If she was her real friend, she wants to discover the truth of her death, why telling that story... to have 15 minutes of fame, to make a book of her horrible experience to be scared in a kitchen !The LIE is the most important fact against her.
(i'm french so I'm sorry for my mistake)

nonmember avatar amy krohn

Don't know if she's guilty or innocent, but agree with the writer, and, to some extent, the comment here...It is, indeed, "bad judgment" to falsely accuse another of murder while still not presenting a reasonable alibi for yourself.

nonmember avatar Simon Cribbles

The prosecutors put so much power into the hands of this then 20 year old that you would have to believe that she could convince a complete stranger and a boyfriend of a couple weeks to kill on command. To do this she would have to be a real witch, which is why that topic keeps coming up. The more down to earth answer is that Rudy Guede raped and killed Ms Kercher, something that happens all the time. The fact that they police could easily manipulate Knox into a false confession, is not proof of her guilt, but of prosecutor's willingness to blame anyone for the crime and then fabricate evidence to try to prove guilt. It is a modern day witch hunt.

twins... twinsurromommy

I admit that I'm very conflicted about this case.  Yes, the evidence was mishandled and she shouldn't have been found guilty based on that evidence.  But does that means she's not guilty?  Who's a very complicated case.

nonmember avatar castille

What's complicated? The clear evidence points towards Guede being there that night. Trying to somehow tie Knox and Socellito to raping and murdering with this intruder they aren't acquainted with is where things get strained and ridiculous. The answer is to quit doing it. The simple straightforward story is usually the correct one.

Dane Russell


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