UFO Sighting in Southwest Is Hard to Ignore (VIDEO)

ufo sightingThat's it. I'm moving to the desert. I suggest anyone else dying to be abducted by aliens do the same. We could caravan. There's no better time than now because just last night, a UFO was spotted lighting up the night sky in Arizona, Nevada, and California. Thousands of witnesses saw the greenish fireball streak across at approximately 7 p.m. PST Wednesday night. News stations and Twitter were hammered with first-hand accounts about the unidentified flying object and no dearth of home videos followed suit.

Of course, "scientists" with their "scientific ways" and "facts about the universe" have an explanation for the UFO, but it's like, puh-lease. As if we really think the UFO is just a part of the Iota Cassiopeiids meteor shower. As if.


Right?! A meteor shower is such an easy cop-out. Are we really supposed to believe that a burning ball of fire steaming across the sky, sometimes going in a zig-zag motion, sometimes turning orange, sometimes hovering for 15 minutes, sometimes seen with aliens waving from a saddle on its back ... is just a meteor? Pshaw. Totally an alien spaceship.

But if you wanna go ahead and accept what NASA has to say, here it is:

It's sort of Mother Nature's shot across the bow. It's an impressive light show, one of Mother Nature's best. No one should be concerned. We basically ran it over.

What does he mean, we basically ran it over? Did the military run over the alien ship with a tank? See, people at NASA's Near Earth Object Program don't even make sense when they talk. They clearly can't be trusted.

And neither can those eggheads over at the American Meteor Society. They say:

Two known meteor showers are active this week, the Iota Cassiopeiids and the Epsilon Perseids, which peaked on September 12 and 10, respectively. Bright moonlight would obscure viewing for all but the brightest of heavenly fireballs this week.

So they're suggesting it was the biggest and brightest of the meteor shower fireballs? Hmmm. Sounds unlikely. Definitely a spaceship from another planet. Strange lights in the night sky should never be defined so easily by people "who know what they're talking about." I mean, really. Tweeters and conspiracy theorists are the real people to pay attention to. After all, when have they ever been wrong?

WATCH the UFO blast through our sky:

So what do you think?

Photo via YouTube

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