George & Cindy Anthony Unintentionally Tell Too Much


No matter what you believe about the Casey Anthony trial and the acquittal that stunned the nation, you couldn't have watched a bit of the trial and believed for a second that the Anthony family was a healthy, stable brood. But the interviews that aired this week with Dr. Phil McGraw revealed once and for all just how dysfunctional they really are.

While Cindy Anthony spent the interview time making excuses for her daughter, George Anthony was more interested in giving us -- and maybe himself -- the answers everyone wants. In his mind, Anthony used some kind of pill, possibly Xanax, as a "chemical babysitter" so that she could go out and party. But when she returned, little Caylee Anthony was dead and she panicked.

It's a plausible story and one that almost makes some degree of sense given everything else we know. And yet, Cindy Anthony was shocked. She told McGraw: "We have been dealing with this for three years and that is the first time I heard that out of his mouth." Really? That is kind of a problem.

No one could possibly make the argument that the Anthony family was a happy, average family who was dragged into this mess unwittingly. There is a long, long line of dysfunction and problematic behavior from all members of this family. But going on national television and saying something that is new to your wife that you know will crush her is pretty extreme.

In many ways, it's hard to imagine how Cindy Anthony can still defend her daughter. Certainly there is some degree of mother love, which is powerful and overwhelming. There is also likely a degree (or 10) of guilt. She must ask herself how she could raise such a monster every day. But, in the end, she should be able to admit the truth to herself and find a way to accept the truth about her child.

Maybe it's easier for George Anthony since Casey worked so hard to pin her defense on his involvement in the cover-up and disposal of Caylee's body. He must be furious.

We will never know the truth. And neither will the Anthony family. But to watch them throw one another under the bus over and over is really just depressing. Why would two people stay married when they're so clearly not actually speaking to each other about the things that matter?

Maybe they're clinging to each other because they're all they have left. Sadly, that doesn't seem like much. The dysfunction is palpable and so very tragic.

Do you think they should have been more on the same page for the interview?

Image via Dr. Phil Show

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nonmember avatar blh

Maybe he never told her that because cindy bends over backwards trying to make excuses and lying for her and he just thought she wouldn't hear any of it. Or she's lying. Who knows.

MyKid... MyKidsSccrMom

The saddest thing I heard this week was when Cindy said "justice was served for Caylee when Casey walked."

Barb Jensen

MyKidsSccrMom on Sep 15, 2011 at 6:10 PM
The saddest thing I heard this week was when Cindy said "justice was served for Caylee when Casey walked."
I agree, and my mouth just dropped to the floor wondering how on earth Cindy could even think that Justice was served after she perjured herself to save that sorry piece of a human being daughter of hers! I believe George does believe Casey drugged Caylee, and he did not doubt voice his opinion to his wife and as we all have witnesses, if Cindy doesn't agree with an opinion, she shuts you out. As a former law enforcement officer, he will believe the facts presented to him as long as they are logical and provide proof-which they did IMO. There was no proof that Caylee drowned. There was no proof of drugs because she was skeletonized by the time she was recovered. Cindy isn't in denial, she will continue to cover for her daughter.

momve... momversuswild

Cindy Anthony has proven that she has a problem with telling the truth.  Maybe where her daughter learned that behavior?

tuffy... tuffymama

Cindy Anthony has got to be the most useless dishrag of a woman I've ever seen. She defends her psychopath daughter's clunwhore behavior immediately following Caylee's death, makes excuses at every turn for her criminal lifestyle (don't forget the theft and lying!), says it is basically okay that Casey just disposed of Caylee like garbage because her tiny body was "just a shell," and doesn't even manage to sell her own belief in this bs. Honestly, it was like watching a high school play dress rehearsal. I've seen more believable acting in local used car commercials. If she doesn't believe this schlock story, why should we? For shame, Cindy Anthony. Somebody in this family certainly needs a psychiatrist. Psssst... It's YOU!

poshkat poshkat

well its about damn time he said it!!! you can always tell how he feels by the way he held himself and how he always stood in the back, i am almost certian it was because his wife told him to STFU and not say anything and he took this interview as his chance to finally say something that he believed. GOOD FOR HIM.

tuffy... tuffymama

*clubwhore* not clunwhore

nonmember avatar Linda

Cindy contradicts herself over and over. At one point in the interview she claims the reason Casey borrowed the neigbors shovel was to remove bamboo shoot in the ground so Caylee wouldn't trip over it. Well Cindy FYI when Casey borrowed the shovel two days after Caylee supposably drowned. Then to insinuate Caseys reasoning for tossing Caylees body in the woods was "its just her shell" is outrageous. Cindy needs help

Rachel Johnson

I think that they both really know what happened, and they went into the interview with cindy telling george NOT to tell and george has had enough.

Heather Covelli

I think George Anthony pounced on his chance to say what he really feels and I say good for him. Cindy is obviously still in denial.

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