Facebook Co-Founder Battles Gay Marriage Ban With Perfect Weapon


facebook co-founder chris hughesForget the Republican presidential candidates -- the entire state government of North Carolina is completely out of touch when it comes to same-sex marriage. The GOP-led General Assembly is hoping voters will pass a constitutional amendment in 2012 that would codify a ban on same-sex marriage, civil unions, and likely domestic partnerships in NC. This insane attempt to bring out GOP voters at the expense of same-sex couples isn't going unnoticed, especially if North Carolina native and Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes has anything to say about it!

Hughes, who is engaged to marry his long-term boyfriend Sean Eldridge, the political director for Freedom to Marry, first wrote an open letter to GOP lawmakers telling them that their ban is discriminatory, may harm job creation and the state's economic prospects, and should be abandoned. (Duh.) But, what he did next showed how you really step up to the plate and take on these clueless and crazy politicians.

He's using his very own creation against them, vowing that he and Eldridge will donate $10 for every person who "likes" Equality NC's page on Facebook -- up to $10,000 -- by tomorrow. The money will help Equality NC fight the marriage ban.

Pretty freakin' brilliant!

I love seeing a public figure like Hughes stand up and be so vocal, so proactive, especially when it comes to something happening in his home state. I'm sure the guy could see himself having much bigger fish to fry. You know, from talking top-secret strategy with Zuckerberg to fighting for same-sex marriage legalization on a national level. But it's clear Hughes knows that the cause is just as important on a city or state level.

I guess it doesn't come as a surprise that he's tapping into Facebook as a prime resource to take political action. He's the KING of that, having been President Obama's go-to social networking guru. That said, Chris Hughes is someone tremendously capable of not only defeating this NC assault on same-sex marriage, but also intimidating any other state government that attempts to go down that dark path. Can't wait to see him accomplish both!

What do you think about Chris Hughes' campaign? Will you "like" Equality NC's Facebook page?

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mustb... mustbeGRACE

I'm sorry. I thought we knew that 2 people of the same sex can't be married.

The word "married" already has a definition and has  had for a long time.

I don't really understand celebrating deviancy.

Judeo-Christian values have long taught that homosexuality is not okay.

YOU have insulted many people by calling them crazy for wanting to adhere to what their faith teaches.

YOU have done that acting as if you have an inside on some kind of secret knowledge that anyone who doesn't accept homosexuality has "missed out on".


The ultra-sphisticated.........................................

smtxc... smtxcowgirl

Yet you can't even spell sophisticated.  How ironic.


Courtney Paige Neale

mustbegrace - how is allowing gay marriage not adhering to what your faith teaches? You are not marrying someone of the same sex......people sin everyday. Would you like to outlaw lying as well?

GCBurton GCBurton

This post was so discriminatory against the republican party that it was hard to grasp the issue of....discrimination??? Lol.I'm a Libertarian myself (and support same-sex marriage) but not this post. You do not promote acceptance by denying it with judgement and ugliness. The very things you are fighting against?? How much sense does that make? Geez...

mustb... mustbeGRACE



Yet you can't even spell sophisticated.  How ironic

Wow, who would believe it has a vowel?

Typo maybe, genius?


sweet... sweetcherry_59

mustbeGRACE....you failed. Just admit it anbd move on.

I liked the page, and I think what he is doing is great.

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