Man Asks Neighbor if He Can Dump Dead Body in Their Trash


trash cansWell, at least he's a polite murderer. After a Tacoma, Washington man shot a 16-year-old boy in the head and killed him, he rap-tap-tapped on his next door neighbor's door and politely asked if he could dispose of the body in their trash.

The neighbor, a woman who asked to remain anonymous, said, "He asked if we would help him, that he just killed somebody and there was a dead body in his house, and if we would help him dispose of the body in the trash can in the alley. He was really calm and laughing about it."

A polite, murdering, off-his-rocker insane sociopath.

Not quite sure how one would respond to such a request, but after the man left, the woman and her partner notified the cops. And then the cops notified the suspect that he was being taken into custody. Police spokesman Mark Fulghum said the suspect has admitted to putting the dead man in the trash can, but has given four different versions of what actually transpired. Sounds about right.

I think the main thing we can all take away from this sparkling news gem this fine Friday is that there are some crazy mother-f*ckers walking around out there. And they just might live next door to you. Shooting and killing a teenager is disgusting. But, the sad truth is, it's something that happens on a fairly regular basis. Casually knocking on your neighbor's door and asking to rid the body in their trash as if you're there to borrow a cup of sugar, though? That's a whole new level of scary crazy.

Hopefully, this psycho -- who's currently being held on account of suspicion of murder -- will get what he deserves. Life in prison and the inability to ever live next door to anybody ever again.

How scary is this man?


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Stacey. Stacey.

Does the suspect have a name? He sounds crazy in the coconut!

arlis... arliss123

That would be terrifying to have such a crazy person standing on your doorstep. I think I would say "Sure, you can put the body there," and then call the police the second he stepped off my porch.

ChicH... ChicHippie

I'm adding this to my list of reasons I don't answer the doorbell.

dirti... dirtiekittie

wow, that's insane! but i don't know about life in prison - i believe in corporal punishment (i grew up in texas) and i don't want to see this guy sitting around in prison while we support him for the next 30 or 40 years. if he's mentally incompetent, put him in a psychiatric prison. if he's competent - fry his ass. why should taxpayers have to pay for him to set it up with 3 squares and a 'home' for the next couple of decades? such a waste.

William A Hart Jr

Did you see a sign in front of my house that said dead motherfucker storage. no , because this ain't the place. lol , (paraphrase from Pulp Fiction)

dandk... dandksmom321

Ha! That was awesom William! I was just thinking the same thing!

Sue Copening

Here is the problem with the death penalty - it costs MILLIONS more to execute someone than to keep them in prison the rest of their life.     You should Google this and educate yourself.    Also - let's be honest... being dead is easy.  Life in prison... the fear, the fights, the boredom, the green bologna - that is a fate WORSE than death.

Colleen Newell

It wouldn't cost millions if they'd just rethink their policies. Give them a drug to make them fall asleep if you care so much about their comfort, and shoot them. There ya go, the cost of a needle, the drugs, and the bullet, and problem solved!   I'm sorry, but murderers don't deserve life, especially when they take the life of a child. Sixteen! God, that's so young... 

nonmember avatar Nikki

Wow.... he has to be alittle off to do that or an plain ole idiot. To kill someone is sad then to knock on ur neighbors door and ask them some stuff like that is NOT normal. I would definitely be scared of that fool!

nonmember avatar jt

uhhh, it's *capital* punishment, not corporal punishment ... lol

and colleen .... wow. just wow.

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