K-Y Ad Makes Lesbians As Unsexy As You (VIDEO)


KY LesbiansIt's about darn time. A major player in the advertising game has finally come forward with a commercial featuring a lesbian couple. And it doesn't get any more blatant than two ladies sitting on their bed talking about using K-Y Intense. The same sex couple ad won't even hit the airwaves until Labor Day Monday, but I can hear GLAAD prepping the awards already.

American companies, take note. This is how you make a real mark on the market. Let's take a look at what K-Y has done right.

1. They've created major buzz for their product. How often does a commercial for a product generate over 100,000 hits on YouTube BEFORE it's actually been seen on any one's television? That's how you sell a product. A link-out to the actual product page, with a $5 off coupon certainly doesn't hurt either.

2. They're not making you guess. Budweiser left us wondering "is he or isn't he" back in April when a soldier came home from service to hug another guy. Some people were happy with that. Some people were miffed that the beer company would even hint at homosexuality. Namby-pamby was going to lose them some customers anyway. Going all out may mean losing the folks you'd anger anyway, but it also means engendering a lot more support from the folks who are happy. Studies show lube can be the determining factor in a woman's sexual satisfaction. Make her happy enough to buy once, and you could have a customer for life. Check out the video:

3. They're respecting our intelligence. As the video shows, lesbians are normal couples. They're not oversexualized. They're just regular Janes who could use a little help in the bedroom . . . like most of America. It may be the most unsexy -- and respectful -- treatment I've seen of a lesbian couple on TV. Ironic that we had to go to a commercial that's about sex to find that!

4. They're not backing down. Citing long-time support of LGBT causes, including sponsorship of HIV/AIDS organizations and pride events, K-Y says this move was an obvious next step. "Gay male couples have been featured in print advertising since 2008 and now the brand is continuing its tradition of support and visibility with advertising that is inclusive of lesbian couples." Again, they're not taking the wavering approach that we've seen from the likes of everyone's favorite red dot store that agreed to support gay causes only after Lady Gaga said they wouldn't get her CD if they continued their habit of helping anti-gay politicians. It's hard to respect a company that's always waffling.

K-Y's parent company McNeil is taking a risk here, do you think it will pay off? Are you happy to see fair treatment of same sex couples in a major advertisement?


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Frankly, I don't like these commercials AT ALL so I'm sure I won't like this one either. I don't think they need to be on TV when kids are up and watching. I think sex is a very personal issue and I think these commercials make young people think sex is really like that. I mean sometimes it is but most of the time it's not. I mean really, I don't hear a foghorn very often. Do you? They are far too extreme for me and I feel they glamorize sex to young people. 

Anast... Anastazia975

So sex is supposed to be hush hush? And never talked about? People do often have problems in the bedroom. And problems do not get fixed by staying mute. I don't see glamour in it, and I also have never seen the commercials on during the day here in Wisconsin. I think adults need to be more open and frank with each other about sex, and all the good and the bad that goes with it. There might be a bit more happiness in the household if people talked more. It opens up a whole other level of intimacy. But, in the end, to each their own. I think it's wonderful.


These ads are on here ALL THE TIME (MN). All day long. I'm not talking about kids old enough to know better. I'm talking about children who say "what's that grandma?" I'm not "hush hush" about sex but these ads attract children's attention with the rockets and fireworks and big ships foghorns. I think they're too much for during the day during SpongeBob.

Nicho... NicholasMama608

I agree with JAFE.  KY and Viagra commercials and condom commercials stuff like that should be held off until after like 8pm to keep very small eyes from watching cartoons and seeing these commercials and asking questions they are too young to learn about.  Kid channels and kid shows should only have kid geared commercials or no commercials like Sprout. 

As far as the ad goes I'm happy for KY.  They did a great thing.  I'm so glad that more and more commercials are taking on same-sex couples.  Hopefully this continues and same-sex couples will be just as equal as every other couple.

momof... momof030404

PLease. YOu dont think they thoughtthis through....TWO WOMEN!? Come back to me when it's two MEN then I will be impressed. This is two attractive women sitting on a bed THIS close to doing it......a HUGE guy fantasy. I mean go KY nd all but really...dont give them too much credit on this one! And I am with OP....could we leave the expliit sexual terms and inuendos for later telvision.....and OFF  networks like say, the cartoon network and sprout!

sweet... sweetheart1985

It's a step in the right direction, and that makes me super happy!! Kudos to KY and I want more acceptance!


sarap... sarapunkinpie88

they are taking a risk, but I do think it will pay off.

sarap... sarapunkinpie88

And I don't think children should be watching tv. Maybe one movie or show a week. We have one tv in our game room downstairs that is only watched 2 times a week. Once for movie night, and once for a favorite show.

Kris Gamble

momof30404... those are not two fantasy women, those are just normal women. Being an anime fangirl, I know there are plenty of girls who like gay guys too, it's a fantasy for them. I mean, that's kind of a double standard. Two gay men are REAL progress but two gay women will just be objectified? That is backwards thinking.

Anast... Anastazia975

I guess I don't watch enough television to see the commercials during the day or here in Wisconsin there not on until late at night. I would say that if those commercials interrupt sponge bob, than I get why you would be upset.

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