Man Decapitates Himself After Argument With Ex-Wife

cop carWhen police in Yorktown, Virginia responded to a domestic dispute call at 10:00 a.m. on Thursday, they witnessed something they'd never seen before during the course of their careers. A man decapitated himself in front of them.

The man, who's remained unidentified by police save for the fact that he was 46 years old and from Chicago, was arguing with his ex-wife over access to his two children. He had relocated to Yorktown in order to spend more time with them, but apparently his ex wasn't cooperating.

When police got to the scene, they noticed a white Ford Explorer nearby with a trailer -- which was on fire -- attached to the back. And then it happened.


The man had taken a long cable -- the kind used to "hoist an automobile engine" -- and tied one end around a tree, and the other around his neck. When the cops asked him to exit the vehicle, he accelerated the car, and boom, beheaded himself.

To say that the manner in which this man chose to take his life is ... unsettling is the understatement of the century. Decapitation? Man. By no means am I trying to be glib here, but such a technique is so, well, old school. Medieval, actually. Not to mention a terribly gory, unbelievably traumatizing thing for his kids to have to learn about.

And something's not adding up here. I don't understand why a man would up and move his entire life so he could spend more time with his children, just to off himself. Details about the couple's relationship and their argument remain a mystery, so I can only assume that his ex-wife was being uncooperative (and he was mentally unstable). But still, he had to have known that there were many steps -- court, legal action -- before this. Clearly, this man loved his kids if he were in such a rage to see them. It's a shame that he felt this was the only way out.

I guess the only thing we can hope for now is that his children don't have to hear about how he died for a long, long time. Because that will be awful.

What do you think of this?


Image via Gamma Man/Flickr

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