10 Ways the West Coast Is Tougher Than the East Coast


free hugs
It's a tough job: Free hugs at the farmers' market
Following yesterday's East Coast, uh, well, let's go ahead and call it an "earthquake," we out here on the West Coast confirmed what we've known for a long time now: West Coasters are way tougher than East Coasters (yes, even though we don't boast such cool, tough-guy accents). A 5.9-pointer on this coast wouldn't have even made any of us flinch, let alone light up Twitter for hours and hours.

It's fine -- East Coasters know we're tougher. We know it. No need to get into an East Coast vs. West Coast brawl of any sort over this (because we know who would win). Let's just allow this whole thing to fall away softly like coastal breeze or, you know, like an earthquake under 6.0. 

Oh, who am I kidding? IT IS ON, East Coast!

10 Reasons the West Coast Is Tougher Than the East Coast

1. Giving out free hugs is a tough job. Let's see you grumpy East Coasters TRY to bring on some of that bicep-bustin' action.

2. In order to get this blonde and this tan, we actually SIT ... IN THE SUN ... FOR HOURS. I'd like to see an East Coaster give that a try. It gets sweaty, for godssake.

3. We all ride our bikes to work -- with our surfboards on our backs. You take the subway. Now what?

4. This volleyball match may look like fun to you, but it's a really tough game AND equally as hard to watch from a beach chair without fainting.

5. Spending much of the year in flip-flops can lead to lower back ache pain, but that doesn't stop us. Yeah, those are callouses, what of it?

6. We don't have seasons. We actually have to use a calendar!

7. Carmageddon. Enough said.

8. We don't have humidity. We actually have to BUY hair products and USE a curling iron to make our hair curl.

9. Just TRY to put a bird on this many cute things and make a store out of it. East Coasters simply don't have this kind of tough love in 'em.

10. Lest you think I've lost my California zen in the this whole East Coast/West Coast squabble, you should know I'm already off OMMMing myself back to tranquility in my bad-ass SERENITY NOW den out back. Maybe you can find peace by cursing out a cab driver or whatever it is do back there.

Who's tougher -- East Coasters or West Coasters?


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jeann... jeannesager

Honey, all I've got to say is SNOW DAYS.

dirti... dirtiekittie

i'm on the west coast, but i would never say 'i'm tougher'... because first, i'm a transplant. THIRD COAST FOR LIFE BABY!!! lol but secondly - i experienced my first earthquake here within about the first 4 or 5 months of moving here. i was at work, and the darn thing was probably no  more than a 4.5, maybe almost a 5... but when the top story of my building started shaking, i hung up on my customer and dove under my desk! my coworkers laughed at me ("hahaha, not from here huh?" was uttered a lot lol) and i was a little hurt - hey, cut me some slack! i don't know how to react to this! (well, now i do). but to that i say... why don't we get a hurricane or tropical storm over here like they do, and then we can swap war stories between the coasts. the west coasters would split their knickers if the sky turned green!! LOL

cocob... cocobeannns

Two ways the Midwest is tougher than West Coast: Blizzards and Ice Storms. I'd like to see you West Coasters make it through one of these storms! They don't play nice!

thedg... thedgoddess

One word for you West Coast wimps:  HUMIDITY.

That's right, I said it.

nonmember avatar me

riiiiiight because all of the west coast is a beach and we all live a baywatch kinda life. k, so I'm not living in California anymore, but when I did I lived in Mountains. Far away from the beach. I had snow days each winter (a season!). I knew no one that tanned at the beach. People were more apt to go snowboarding during the winter. But we still wouldn't have whined over a little earthquake.

Cafe Kim Cafe Kim

I'm with you cocobeanns -- Midwesterners are hardy!

organ... organicyogalove

im so sick of hearing about this imaginary earth quake. NO ONE FELT IT! and those who claimed to have felt it above the state of virginia are hypocondriacs who were anticipating it. 

side note, portlandia is the best show ever put a bird on it is a frequent phrase in my house.

Melis... Melissa042807

I'll stay hunkered down in the midwest, thankyouverymuch. Ya'll can keep your coasts!

aeama... aeamathis

Third Coast here too!!! And our beaches don't suck!!!  I like to think of them as realistic, every day beaches and not dream sequence, fantasy holiday beaches.  This is why we rock: 

1.  We eat it spicy.  Whatever it is.

2.  We wear make-up in 100% humidity. 

3.  We scoff at hurricanes.  Even if they scoff back. 

4.  Screw lobster, it's all about the Crawfish!!!  Mud bugs baby!

5.  Also, catfish.  Ever try frying salmon?  'Nuff said.

6.  We were formed by a dinosaur-extinguishing meteor.  Best birth ever. 

7.  Shorts on Thanksgiving and a spring break that never rains.

8.  Sharks?  Jellyfish?  Sting rays?  It's all part of the thrill, baby. 

9.  The most-meltingest pot of music.  Blues, jazz, tejano, country, outlaw country, dixie, cajun, blue grass (banjo!)....it could go on. 

10.  We're the underdogs.  Everyone loves the underdogs.  :)

banan... banana-bear

I wonder how the west coast would handle a substantial hurricane like the east coast does? How would they fare against devastating tornadoes ripping through their states the way it does in the midwest and south? The fact of the matter is, different parts of the country and built for certain types of weather and they can prepare accordingly. That doesn't make one area tougher than another.

(P.S. Humidity doesn't make your hair curly, it makes it a frizzy mess. And anything that you do to your hair: blow drying, straightening, curling, etc., will just look like crap a few minutes after being outside.)

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