Earthquake Shakes D.C.: Is the World Ending? (VIDEO)

U.S. capitol buildingSitting on the fifth floor of an office building in Manhattan and feeling your chair and desk shake, only to realize it's not a headache or strange hunger-induced dizziness but actually a 5.9 magnitude EARTHQUAKE, is unnerving enough. How about seeing major, historical buildings in the capital, Washington, D.C., shaking, and it's not exactly the work of a funny cameraman? You gotta admit, it's kind of on par with the stuff of Hollywood, like Independence Day or 2012.

But -- horrifyingly enough -- it's REALITY. It was our reality here in our nation's capital this afternoon.

There are already a slew of YouTube videos online documenting the earthquake felt all the way up and down the east coast, but the one of the quake hitting the White House and U.S. Capitol really stands out.


It's not every day you see those buildings shaking and quaking on what we thought was relatively solid, un-Southern California-like ground. There was a small (3.6 magnitude) earthquake last July, but I have a feeling that didn't exactly cause the capital's buildings to shake and shudder like they did today.

Here's what I'm talking about ...

Really creepy, right? I mean, I know it's nothing compared to what they see on a much more regular basis on the west coast, but no matter where you live, you don't expect to see this kind of thing going down in D.C. And the view itself is just so ... alarming. I know that's because it's the same shot we always see in big Hollywood blockbusters about the end of the world. But I'll be the first to admit that seeing life imitate art in this way is TOTALLY FREAKY. And especially in a post-9/11 world, hearing that the White House, Pentagon, and State Department were evacuated is completely unsettling.

It's the abnormality of an earthquake hitting Washington that really gets me -- and many Americans, I guess. But, still, bizarre or not, I can't help but wonder ... is this the beginning of even more disasters to come?

Does the White House and Capitol earthquake footage freak you out, too?


Image via Sean Hayford O'Leary/Flickr

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