Drunk Priests Shouldn't Be Allowed to Baptize Babies

communion wineBless you, Father, for you have sinned! Sixty-four-year-old California priest Rev. Julian Medina is gonna need to say at least 100 Hail Marys for showing up so hammered at a baptism that he fell over. Thank heavens (ha, hahahaha) he wasn't holding a baby at the time!

Father Medina was supposed to baptize 15 babies at the Saturday afternoon service, for which he was an hour late. Fifteen babies! Pouring holy water over the heads of over a dozen screaming infants isn't something I'm sure I could pull off completely sober, let alone too wasted to walk.


Yup, this man of the cloth was sooooo plastered, he had to be carried out of the sanctuary! At that point, another priest stepped in to wash away the stain of original sin from 15 new arrivals. Fifteen very ornery new arrivals, I'm guessing, based on my own experiences observing how much babies love, love, love to wear those stiff, frilly christening gowns. For an hour longer than anyone was expecting.

Confessor, confess thyself: Did you get into the supply of communion wine again? For the love of God, Father Medina! You could have accidentally drowned a child of Christ!

Parishioners were reportedly "shocked" and "outraged" by Medina's fall from grace, which is understandable. Those aren't exactly the baptism photos you'd want to put in your baby's scrapbook. Mom, why is the priest pouring water on your head instead of mine? Why does dad look like he's gonna punch him? And why is grandma crying?

I do have to wonder, though, if this was really Father Medina's first drunk-behind-the-pulpit moment. I mean, who just suddenly starts drinking heavily at the age of 64?

I guess it's possible, but I have to think it's just a tad bit more likely that this priest has been "turning water into wine" for a while now, if you get my drift. Maybe the suspension he's been given by the church will convert this lost soul.

Maybe, but I still wouldn't want him holding my baby near a tub of water.

What would you have done if the priest showed up drunk to your baby's baptism?


Image via Howard Young/Flickr

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