9-Year-Old Boy Catches 7-Foot Shark From His Kayak (VIDEO)


sharkFather and son fishing trips are the stuff fond childhood memories are made of. But when Kevin Stevens and his 9-year-old son Hunter went fishing in the Gulf of Mexico, they got more than just memories -- they got an experience hardly anyone will forget. After three hours bobbing in the water, getting sunburned waiting for a bite, any bite, something finally chomped on the line, and in a big way. Dad felt a strong tug on his rod, son grabbed the camera, and the two of them fought a seven-foot black tip shark for about an hour a mile or so off the coast of Galveston, Texas.

Did I mention they were in a 12-foot kayak?

I think they need a bigger boat. Black tip sharks are usually timid around people, but when there's food involved, such as bait, they can get aggressive -- black tips have been responsible for about 41 attacks on humans since 2008. Eep! But Hunter didn't seem too scared. His reaction when he saw the shark, which was over two-thirds the size of the piece of fiberglass he was sitting in on the water's surface, was effortlessly cool.

"Ohhhhh yeah, Daddy. That's a big boy."

Well said, Hunter. It's also a deadly boy that's roughly six inches from ripping your face off, but I guess I'm the only one that seems concerned by that minor detail. Actually, Mom wasn't too pleased, either. She told CNN she was horrified by the story. At least someone in that family isn't cray cray. Dad admits that he was concerned the kayak would tip, but thankfully that never happened.

The shark pulled them up and down the coast during what Dad has called a "Texas sleigh ride." Ha! I have no idea why they didn't let the shark go right away, but I guess that's the angler's plight -- letting a big one get away is always a tough thing to do. At least they got a good ride out of it, a great video, and some awesome memories. I bet the shark will never forget that time he got caught be two people in a kayak -- his shark buddies will never let him live that down.

WATCH the Stevens family catch the shark in their kayak:

What do you think?

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Виктор Денищик

did the shark have a paralysis or something? : ) i mean all it had to do was wiggle a tail and the dad would either A) let go the fishing rod or B) submerge

nonmember avatar Ridges

It's a hoax. Supposably the dad already caught the shark, and obviously it is dead in video. They took it home and put it in their backyard pool while on their kayak. A case of wanna be ballon boy drama. Kids going to have a tough life. This family is full of drama and lies locally.

nonmember avatar Christina

I don't think my freezer is big enough for an animal hat should not be killed. How do you know my family is locally full of drama. Sounds like someone who knows us and is a wee bit jealous. Live life people. My son knows how at 9 and apparently the whole world sent this video viral for a reason. This is why we can't release the rest of the footage bc its this has been stolen for money and we have to protect our child but don't worry you will see it soon:). Read the real story. GMA has us on their couch the next day and had a different view after they spoke with us. I am sad to see people attack a 99 year old for wanting to live his dream and become a marine biologist.

nonmember avatar Kent

Why is this so unbelievable? I regularly catch sharks (mainly lemon sharks) up to 9ft from my 11.5 and 12 ft kayaks in the Everglades. The kayak acts like a sea anchor during the "sleigh ride" and actually wears the fish out faster. I will say that black tips are a bit more dangerous because they tend to jump.

Karen Lloyd

This is such a hoax!!! While catching a six foot blacktip it took 2 grown men on a 20 foot boat to land it. After dragging it backward for 1/2 hour and slitting it's throat, when brought on board, it took a chunck out of the back seat of the boat!!! Sharks don't just hang off your rod like that!!! Sharks thrash about and try to get away even after running for an hour!!! What is this world coming to when this kind of lie goes viral??

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