Man Arrested for ‘Vampire’ Attack on Woman Really Sucks


vampire kidA vampire has been arrested in Galveston, Texas. Nineteen-year-old Lyle Bensley is being held on $40,000 bond after he allegedly broke into a woman's home and bit her on the neck. Police found Bensley in a nearby parking lot in only his boxer shorts, hissing and growling, claiming he was a 500-year-old vampire that just needed to feed. He started running from the cops, and scaled two fences yelling over his shoulder that he didn't want to feed on humans, before he was captured and taken into custody.

Oh yeah, it's come to this. And it gets weirder.

While behind bars, Bensley kept warning the guards that they should restrain him for their own safety -- he gnarled his teeth at them, expressing his need to feed.

We've got only two options here: 1) Bensley is actually a vampire, and 2) Bensley is actually out of his mind. Call me a spoil sport, but I'm going with #2 here. Not sure if he's on hallucinogens or just super into the vampire trend, but the boy is unstable. A psychiatric evaluation is pending.

We've got a few more options when it comes to where we can place the blame: 1) Twilight, 2) True Blood, 3) Anne Rice, 4) The Vampire Diaries, 5) The Count from Sesame Street. News outlets are quick to wonder what ill effects pop culture's emphasis on vampires has on the public, but I don't think we can blame anyone other than Bensley for his creepy attack. Sure, he was influenced by TV and movies, but if a man kills an intruder with a baseball bat, are we going to blame baseball?

Bensley deserves to suffer the consequences of his actions (if he indeed proves to be human and not glittery and immortal) because his attack sounds ruthless. He broke into a random woman's home, punched her while in bed, dragged her into the hallway, threw her up against a wall, and bit her mother trucking neck.

I once had an acquaintance take a "psychotic break" as they say and believe that he was Jesus. Maybe that's what happened here, but it's too early to say. All I know is that I'm sleeping with some garlic and a wooden stake under my mattress tonight.

What do you think?

Photo via Galveston County Sheriff's Office



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julie... juliemval

Awesome... lol

nonmember avatar brandi barker

Just for the record, he is not crazy, nor does he believe he is a vampire. He was drugged at a party, the only thing he is guilty of is not paying enough attention to the people he surrounds himself with. He's my best friend and i really don't appreciate the way the media is portraying him. You people should open your minds to some other options and see that there is always two sides to a story.

nonmember avatar jokerglass

Just for the record.. if he really is your best friend the best thing you can do is shut the hell up because you are screwing whatever chances he has got to declare himself insane and avoid going to jail to suck some.. blood, you are not helping him at all. lol

Steph752 Steph752

I blame Angel and Spike from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer." ;)

Iviemg Iviemg

Hey, at least he's a hot vampire!!


I live in Beaumont, TX, which is like 45min away. Always good to see 3rdCoast in the news. And hey, he didn't kill anyone.

easun... easunshine

Well if he was drugged, I feel for him. That's terrible and should never ever happen to anyone, ever.

If this wasn't actually what happened to him (and not that I doubt you, but I'm confused how you would know that for a fact unless you witnessed it personally) than I'm still inclined to believe he was on drugs, but by choice.

It is highly doubtful that this kid went from normal to breaking into homes to bite people and raving about being a vampire without there being some sort of catalyst. If he really did think he was some sort of vampire, there would have been signs before they got to this extremity. I'll be checking the news for updates on this kid.

Hanumanth Patil

its very nice to keep such records for all of us,,b'coz it may help to known about some peoples that they are suffering for some diseases which is called "hallocination"....and also to gain some knowledge about this type of animals which are already exists in modern days...

SandM... SandMsMama

brandi, you make it sound like the fact that he was on drugs makes everything ok. Well, us here in the real world know that drugs are bad and will make you do stupid things that land you in jail. I HOPE he gets some serious time bc he needs to learn a lesson!

Shaun Behrens

Look the kid obviously has problems, or the kid was on something that he should not have been on. If he was drugged without his knowledge or consent then ofcourse the consequences of his actions should fall onto the person who drugged him, however if he willingly, and knowingly ingested the substance that caused him to have this episode then it is his own fault. If he was neither drugged, nor having a temporary fit of insanity then the kid must be stupid to think that he could get away with something like that. End of story. Or he is a vampire and we are all gonna look like jackoffs when he rips out the judges throat in court and then proceeds to go outside and flip over an 18 wheeler in midday traffic while sparkling like a fairy. :D

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