Military Dad Gets Adorable Welcome Home From Huge Dog (VIDEO)


dog and soldierI can't get enough of the military reunion videos. From dads surprising kids at ballgames to wrapping themselves up in packages and giving their families the best gift ever, they never fail to bring tears to my eyes. This video is a little different than the rest I've seen, however, because it involves a dog, a huge dog.

You can tell the pooch, aptly named Emmitt Thunderpaws, senses his pal in the house before he even sees him. They've apparently been separated for nine months, and the reunion is one of the sweetest I've seen. Check it out.

That is one awesome dog; he's completely hugging his owner. While we know how hard having a solider deployed overseas can be on family members, we often don't think about the pets that know and love them too. Obviously they can feel a void in their lives as well when they're missing, and great joy when they return.

Keep this bookmarked and play it next time you're having a grumpy day. It makes me smile every single time I watch it (which has admittedly been a lot).

Do you love this video? How have you pets reacted when a member of your family has been gone for an extended period of time?

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cassi... cassie_kellison

Every time my husband comes home from training or deployments the cat hisses and hides, and the dog literally pee's himself!

StefI... StefInfection

My son leaves every other week in the summer. On the day I go pick him up it's like pour dog knows he won't let me leave without taking him with me and as soon as he sees my son he'll whine until my son says hi. Then he'll lick him to death.


SandM... SandMsMama

OMG is this my family? we have a dane that LOVES my husband. he did the same thing last time he came home

nonmember avatar CMG

Growing up, we had a huge dog like that, a great dane mix of some sort. He would "dance" with my dad by putting his paws up on my dad's shoulders and they would sway back and forth looking totally ridiculous. Big dogs are so goofy and sweet! My favorite soldier coming home to a dog video, however, is this:

It's a great video to show anyone who says dogs don't have emotions or aren't part of the family... I mean seriously!

Lala Johnson

doggie,love daddy and miss daddy so much!welcome home daddy!we love you all soldier!

thatg... thatgirl70

Oh my where'd they get that horse?? LOL cute video. :)

Jan Wilson Bratcher

I can just hear this dog......"daddydaddydaddy, where you been? love you love you love you daddydaddydaddy"!!! LOL With 3 sons in the military, this is absolutely precious to me!

Iviemg Iviemg

CMG your video was sooo cute!!! This is was too!

maliy... maliya0608

That's so sweet! 

Tempe... TempestRayne

VEry sweet. That is a.BEAUTIFUL dog.

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