Sick White Teens Beat Black Man & Run Him Over for Fun (VIDEO)


Darryl DedmonWhen you hear that a black man was savagely beaten by some white kids, then run over by their truck, you don't want to think it happened here in America. This generation of teens is supposed to be more accepting, more open. These sorts of racially-motivated horrors are supposed to be just a memory, a tragic one, but a blast from the past all the same.

But the teenagers who are accused of getting drunk, then jumping in their truck with plans to go "f--k with a ni---r" are Americans alright. Eighteen-year-old Deryl Dedmon lives in Brandon, Mississippi. And it was just this past June that cops allege he led the vicious attack that claimed the life of James Anderson, a black auto plant worker.

The whole thing -- from Anderson being beaten to his death as he was run down in the parking lot -- was caught on video. Now Dedmon faces murder charges, and an accomplice, John Aaron Rice, also 18, has been charged with simple assault for the part he allegedly played in Anderson's death. Watching the video is hard. The hate is palpable. A kid actually screams "white power":

The video makes me sick, but it also makes me sad. Sad first and foremost for the family of James Anderson, a man who did absolutely nothing wrong. His death is a senseless tragedy.

But I'm sad too for society as a whole. Just last week the news was proclaiming a victory for mankind with the news that the TV shows that are the most gay-friendly just so happen to be the ones targeted at today's teens. Yay! Our kids are progressive! And let's not forget the happy news in the wake of President Obama's victory, that the open-minded youth rocked the vote to bring the first president of color to Washington. The Pew Research Center claims the millenials -- today's teens and 20-somethings -- are the most educated, most ethnically- and racially-diverse generation of Americans yet.

I'm not naive enough to think all kids are that open. They're still being raised by a less progressive generation. And there are always bad apples that spoil the whole bunch -- or at least make them guilty by association.

But if there's ever a warning that we still have a ways to go in America, this is it. Our nation's tragic past isn't PAST yet.


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PonyC... PonyChaser

Nobody is trying to justify anything, and we're not "sensationalizing" it.. We're pointing out that it happens across all ethnicities. Often here on The Stir, "racism" means "whites are the bad guys oppressing everyone else". It's not. Ironically, racism is colorblind.

ladyb... ladybugmom2010

This is sad,horrific and ridiculous! I knew that others would get on here and justify what the teens did. That's disgusting!

Lisa Tullio

I don't believe that by reporting on one attrocity, the writer is saying "Down with whitey!!!" Where was it ever stated in the article that racism is a one sided issue??!


Please forgive me, but it's hard to take a bunch of middle class white women seriously when it comes to the true grit of racism in America.

Lauren Raiche

Wow!! I too am troubled by the number of you who are so quick to "yeah, but ..." this tragic story! THIS man was an innocent man! Yes, there is racism everywhere in all shapes, colors, and sizes. That does NOT make this story any less tragic. Shame on you for basically justifying it because it happens both ways. It's ALL tragic. :(

Habib... Habibti812

You know, certain areas of our  country are so ass backwards. I live in NJ and I won't say racism doesn't exist at all, but it isn't like these places. This is just disgusting. SHAME SHAME SHAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You will allow a black person to protect YOU in the military but you turn and do disgusting things like this.SHAME SHAME SHAME! Sick of all the hatred in this world.

Lisa Tullio

Kevwife; you are the most disturbing of all. Two wrongs do not make a right, and again...where does this piece say that blacks are the only target of racism? It is not this particular writer's duty to report of every single race related story now. 

Julia Dreadfulwater

I agree with Lisa Tullio, it is extremely sad that everybody has to point out that racism isnt one sided. It doesnt matter, James Anderson was an INNOCENT man... He didnt go stand in that parking lot looking for a group of white kids to beat him and kill him. He was not in Milwakee at a fair punching anybody who wasnt black.... Other racist incidents dont take away from the fact that this story is about a horrific hate crime... AN INNOCENT MAN WAS KILLED BECAUSE OF THE COLOR OF HIS SKIN. Its SAD and WRONG no matter what the scenario is. 

KevWi... KevWife.BaniMom

So was the 4 yr old girl and the 14 yr old boy who were targeted for being white. No it's not a 'duty' to report all acts of racism, but it's funny how 1 black man is targeted and OMG! But hundreds of whites as well as Asians, ect were attacked but nothing. Really? Tell it to someone who cares. Here in WI it's a big deal. That's 3 fun places that have been ruined from marauding blacks. Whatevs. Say what you will about me and my views, don't change the fact that it's seriously screwed up.

Lauren Raiche

^^ There are numerous articles covering the WI story. Again, it's terrible what happened at the fair ... but it doesn't make THIS story any less tragic.

"That's 3 fun places that have been ruined from marauding blacks." - I read an article that stated that fair attendance was only down 9,000 since that tragic event. Apparently, not every agrees that the fair was ruined.

nonmember avatar Shay

It is an outrage to read what everyone is saying...regardless of color hatred is hatred. Would it be acceptable if black and white banned together and targeted black and white? NO. Do not try to justify any situation that involves death. This act of crime or the act of crime at the Wisconsin State Fair is ridiculous, petty, and cruel. Please people, it doesnt matter what color sequence caused each persons family a loss but what does matter is everyone understanding the need to teach our youth the power of togetherness and unity.

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