Sick White Teens Beat Black Man & Run Him Over for Fun (VIDEO)


Darryl DedmonWhen you hear that a black man was savagely beaten by some white kids, then run over by their truck, you don't want to think it happened here in America. This generation of teens is supposed to be more accepting, more open. These sorts of racially-motivated horrors are supposed to be just a memory, a tragic one, but a blast from the past all the same.

But the teenagers who are accused of getting drunk, then jumping in their truck with plans to go "f--k with a ni---r" are Americans alright. Eighteen-year-old Deryl Dedmon lives in Brandon, Mississippi. And it was just this past June that cops allege he led the vicious attack that claimed the life of James Anderson, a black auto plant worker.

The whole thing -- from Anderson being beaten to his death as he was run down in the parking lot -- was caught on video. Now Dedmon faces murder charges, and an accomplice, John Aaron Rice, also 18, has been charged with simple assault for the part he allegedly played in Anderson's death. Watching the video is hard. The hate is palpable. A kid actually screams "white power":

The video makes me sick, but it also makes me sad. Sad first and foremost for the family of James Anderson, a man who did absolutely nothing wrong. His death is a senseless tragedy.

But I'm sad too for society as a whole. Just last week the news was proclaiming a victory for mankind with the news that the TV shows that are the most gay-friendly just so happen to be the ones targeted at today's teens. Yay! Our kids are progressive! And let's not forget the happy news in the wake of President Obama's victory, that the open-minded youth rocked the vote to bring the first president of color to Washington. The Pew Research Center claims the millenials -- today's teens and 20-somethings -- are the most educated, most ethnically- and racially-diverse generation of Americans yet.

I'm not naive enough to think all kids are that open. They're still being raised by a less progressive generation. And there are always bad apples that spoil the whole bunch -- or at least make them guilty by association.

But if there's ever a warning that we still have a ways to go in America, this is it. Our nation's tragic past isn't PAST yet.


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momve... momversuswild

That is sickening, but not surprising.  Racism is alive and well; ugly, stupid, senseless, and disgusting as it is...

PonyC... PonyChaser

Yes, racism is still alive. On both sides. Last year, at the Iowa State Fair, a gang of black men were stalking through the place loudly proclaiming that it was "Beat Whitey Night" and starting fights. Unfortunately, there had to be extensive investigations to see if that behavior was "racially motivated".

Seems to me, if you commit a crime against a person of another race while yelling racial epithets, it's a racial problem. Regardless what color you are. And it's wrong.

dirti... dirtiekittie

that's disgusting and sad. unfortunately, no matter how advanced the next generation can be, there are still bigots raising future bigots... hate is learned, as is violence.

my heart & prayers go out to Mr. Anderson's family. i'm so very sorry for your loss.

Karen... Karens_mommy

Every generation is going to have it. Whites are not the only people who are racist though. It is in EVERY culture. 

Alexandrea Goff Dahlstrom

A "Flash Mob" of black teens beat and harrassed white people on opening night of the Wisconsin State Fair. Literally hundreds of teens just started hitting and punching people. A white boy got beat in the middle of the street and no one could help as they feared for themselves. It's sickening and tragic. So senseless. What is the point? Not there is heightened police presence at the fair and attendance will be down because of this. Racisim is alive and well. Even up here in Wisconsin.

Jill Deese Conner

There are PLENTY of black racists who beat whites. It's not race, it's class. I'm sorry for the family but stop sensationalizing that white beat up on blacks because if you think the ratio of that is 50/50 --I'll bet you're wrong.

Shelly Vincent

I grew up ten miles from Brandon, Mississippi. I managed to escape the small-town, small-mind syndrome that still plagues my family members, but let me offer another thought. I grew up as the minority in central Mississippi (white). I was racially picked on. I was pushed around. These kids had no excuse for what they did, but there are many times I wanted to fight back for the way I was treated dscriminately while living there. I hate going back, and those stupid kids did nothing but set us back further. I always felt like the rest of the world had it completely backwards when they called whites racist. I wasn't taught hate growing up in Mississippi. I endured it from the MAJORITY black population there.

Lisa Tullio

I'm a bit troubled by how many of you are trying to justify this incident by stumbling over yourselves to point out that "whites aren't the only ones who are racist!!!"....

KevWi... KevWife.BaniMom

Where's your story on the Wisconsin State Fair? I live in Milwaukee. Over 100 black kids had a flash mob and beat the hell out of anybody that wasn't black. Mostly whites with a few Iraqis' thrown in. Jumping on cars, punching thru windows to break white womens' eye sockets. Or how about the four year old girl who was sent to the hospital when these animals ran her over? Where's your outrage? They canceled something here called Riversplash, a music festival held every year because black kids terrorized everyone. Or how about Mayfair Mall when 10 younger black kids stormed the Boston Store and destroyed it for no reason? Google the Wisconsin State Fair before you get all soapbox. Ridiculous

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