10-Year-Old Girl Killed for Eating Popsicle Without Permission

ame dealI am so angered by this story I could spit. Ame Deal, a little girl from Phoenix, Arizona, was found lifeless locked in a trunk after what investigators believed was a hide-and-seek game turned deadly. But that wasn't the case. New details have emerged that show that little Ame was intentionally locked in a trunk-like box by her family -- she was being punished for taking a Popsicle out of the freezer without asking. She died of suffocation and was then placed dead in the trunk.

I don't know if it's this course of steroids pumping through my veins (I hurt my back) that's giving me 'roid rage or what, but I really feel like beating the crap out of Ame's family. I'd like to make them eat dog feces, make them sleep on the floor of the shower stall, make them crush cans with their bare feet, and lock them in a box -- after all, it's what they did to Ame before they ultimately murdered her.


Ame died on July 12 and the reason for her death was classified as "unknown" until July 28 when her cousin, Samantha Allen, 23, and her husband, John Allen, 23, confessed to putting Ame in the trunk and padlocking it. They're being charged with first degree murder, but honestly, I wish they could suffer Ame's same fate. There's some dog shit on the street outside with their name on it -- eat up cousin Samantha.

Ame's aunt, Cynthia Stotlzmann, 44, and grandmother Judith Deal, 62, are being charged with child abuse and kidnapping -- they confessed to locking Ame in a box on previous occasions. And witnesses (how there are "witnesses" that held their tongue until now I will never understand) say that the family had a history of torturing Ame. They'd make her eat hot sauce and strike her with a paddle they called the "Butt Buster" among the other previously mentioned horrific things they did.

After Ame was found dead and the assumption was that it was an accident, Aunt Cynthia gives a chilling interview below where she says that Ame just had a knack for finding the best hiding places.

The New York Daily News reports that Ame died in a 3-foot-long by 14-inch-wide box, and that she weighed a mere 59 pounds -- the average for a 10-year-old girl is between 75 and 100 pounds. She was over four feet tall.

Apparently there were 12 other children living at the Deal house, all of whom have been taken by Child Protective Services, thank god.

I pray that Ame is in a better place now, that she's resting in peace. I am heart sick just thinking about Ame, and I really hope her disgusting family gets what they deserve. Two wrongs don't make a right, but I hear jail is especially tough for those convicted of harming a child ... good riddance.

WATCH the AZFamily report on Ame's death:

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