Caribbean Airlines Passengers Had an Angel Flying With Them


Caribbean airlines

You know the part of the flight when the plane touches down and everyone claps? Bet you've always thought that means you are home free, that you can breath a sigh of relief that nothing bad can happen to you at this point. That's what Caribbean airlines passengers from New York probably thought when the plane touched down at Guyana's airport early today. They were in mid-clap when ... everyone started screaming.

The Boeing jet carrying 163 people overshot the 7,400-foot runway at Cheddi Jagan International Airport and barreled through a chain-link fence, according to the New York Post. Bags started falling out of compartments hitting people on the head, and people started screaming. The plane barely missed a 200-foot ravine that could have resulted in dozens of fatalities. Oh, and this is not even the worse part. The plane broke in two!

This is wonderful news to hear during the height of summer travel season, this writer is getting on a plane next week as a matter of fact. A hundred people needed medical attention, a few pretty seriously, but no one died and that's the true miracle here because ... need I say it again ... the plane broke in half!

Not to mention, it was pitch black. There were no lights. It was raining. Rescuers could not get people out right away. Many passengers were sitting on the broken plane freaking out and wondering what to do next.

One woman interviewed in the Post said she pretty much had to rescue herself. She had to exit the battered plane by crawling onto the wing, and then jump down to a dirt road. On the road she met a cab driver there and when she asked for a ride back to the terminal, he actually charged her! She didn't complain because after all, bitching about spending $20 bucks is not something you do when you just saw your life flash before your eyes.

Airline officials and the TSA were sent down to Guyana to investigate the crash. Not a great way to start your vacation, but on the bright side, at least they still get one. Knowing all the details of what could have happened but didn't, they can all thank a winged guardian angel for that.

Are you getting on a plane any time soon?


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L25 L25

Omg wait I'm still trying to get past the part where the cab driver charged her for the ride back to the airport from the plane crash...     But no, I have a huge fear flying as it is, articles like this just reinforce it.

nonmember avatar Kevin

Believe it or not, you're actually far more likely to die with a car crash then a plane crash. Not very many planes crash every year. But several thousand cars crash every year. Of course if a plane crashes, a lot more people will die at one time, but still planes handle more traffic then cars do and they do so with less fatalities.

starl... starlight1968

unfortunately this is not the first time I've heard of a crash like this.  Glad tho they are all alive!!

jalaz77 jalaz77

Flying to Maui in sept. This won't stop me.

heydo... heydooney

Everyone claps? I've never experienced that.

Julie... Julienikki06

@heydooney- people clas for international flights. Soooo happy to be back in the USA!

nonmember avatar Barbara

I hate and fear flying. PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!

Cathy Pollard

I am so sure, that soon as TSA arrived, felt every one up, they had the answer to the problem! SOLVED! YOU GO TSA! you keep us so safe from... from.... oh, from something I'm sure. Sure enough, because of TSA I no longer am A flight nurse! Felt up every time. due to the fact I'm a C cup? or flying 1 way to my next assignement? (Only 3% of people are searched by enhanced means?) REALLY? IS it OK to marginilize that 3% of Americans? Is that what founded us? So what is good for society: But screw the individual?

Really feel sorry for the ill traveling public that would LOVE an RN escort...... So sorry about your bad luck... and mine!

Rick de Luna

TSA  had their 15 minutes of fame, probably the first time ever, and the passengers had to make sure they weren't missing their wallets and money.  I was on 737 that in a rain storm appeared to make the runway too; and then dropped 500 ft. and we all got whiplash but were overwhelmed just to be  in one piece.hugsbow down

hempm... hempmommy87

Nope. I've never flown on a plane and never will unless I absolutely have to lol.

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