Jeffrey Dahmer's Last Victim May Be a Killer Too

Tracy Edwards
Tracy Edwards
Who doesn't remember the horrific arrest of cannibal necrophiliac serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer in the early 1990s, and the stomach-turning victim stories that unfolded afterward? Uck. It was a total scary nightmare.

Well, is it possible that the repercussions of Dahmer's crime are still having the domino effect -- even though he was beaten to death in prison way back in 1994? It could be since Dahmer's last intended victim, Tracy Edwards -- the one who narrowly escaped and led police to Dahmer's grisly body-part-filled home -- was just arrested for murder.


Since Tracy Edwards barely escaped Jeffrey Dahmer in 1994, who knows what his life has been like? We do know he's 52, homeless, and has had several run-ins with the law involving drugs over the years, but can we really blame any of that on Jeffrey Dahmer? Edwards was also arrested on Tuesday after allegedly being involved in a fight that led to a man falling into the Milwaukee River and dying, which could lead to a homicide charge. If Edwards has turned from victim to victimizer, is it Jeffrey Dahmer's fault?

I don't think it's too hard to ponder whether or not Edwards, who was found naked and half-handcuffed in the street after Dahmer lured him to his home and came at him with a butcher knife in a bedroom strewn with gruesome photos of murder victims, might have been deeply affected by the scary attack on his life. Maybe, if it hadn't happened, he could have kept or gotten his life together. Maybe that attack sent him into a downhill spiral of drug use, which often leads to criminal activity. It's very common for horrific crimes to spin out in ways we cannot even fathom, turning seemingly non-murderous people into killers or even drug users or basic bad citizens who can't ever seem to get their lives in order.

Who knows if this is the case with Tracy Edwards, but it's heartbreaking to even consider.

Do you think it's possible to blame Dahmer for Edwards' messed up life or current arrest? Or does one have nothing to do with the other?

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