Tea Party Hypocrite Joe Walsh Wants Us to Raise His Child Support Debt Ceiling


It is not all that shocking when a politician like Joe Walsh is a hypocrite. They all seem to say one thing and do another at different times, but when a Tea Party politician makes his entire career on statements about debt and financial responsibility and then turns out to be $100,000 behind on child support payments to his three kids, we are going to take notice.

Joe Walsh is a Tea Party congressman in Illinois who has made his career on fiscal responsibility. “We’ve got a government we can’t afford, and we’re broke!” he told supporters in Chicago recently. The irony is that Walsh's ex-wife claims the congressman, who makes $174,000 a year, is about $100,000 behind in child support payments and she has no money because of it.

Let us recall some of Walsh's recent statements:

I won't place one more dollar of debt upon the backs of my kids and grandkids unless we structurally reform the way this town spends money.

The hypocrisy is mind-blowing. "Have you no shame, sir?" Walsh asked President Obama in his stunning speech of hypocrisy entitled Walsh to Obama: Quit Lying. Here's an idea: How about he stop lying? How much do you owe your kids again, you piece of poo? Six figures?

It seems to me that the debt on the backs of his kids has more to do with his lazy arrearage than anything our government is doing. Or does he mean the children of other Tea Partiers who all want their cake and to eat it, too? Who will support Walsh's children if he won't? The government? I have an idea: Let's raise Walsh's debt ceiling! After all, that seems to be what he needs since he clearly can't afford to support his children the way he is supposed to.

His ex-wife claims in her lawsuit against him that Walsh only made partial payments to his three children between November 2005 and March 2008, but he stopped altogether in April 2008 and didn't resume payment until he started to receive a paycheck from the House. Meanwhile, he and his girlfriend took international vacations while claiming to be "too broke" to pay.

It's one thing to truly not have enough money. It's another to use your kids and grandkids and their futures to help you win political office while not doing your part to help them in the here and now. It's so disgusting and repugnant, there are no words.

These Tea Partiers -- and Joe Walsh in particular -- want to avail themselves of all that the government can do for them. They want to use all our resources and they don't want to have to pay for them. And they think that is the American way.

His kids should hate him every bit as much the rest of us should. He is selling lies about Obama's debt while not even caring for his own household. Say what you will against Obama, but he supports his children.

Do you think this is disgusting?


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Wendy... Wendy_June

You're completely right about him, what a hypocrite!  It doesn't mean that all Tea Party members are hypocrites though. Unfortunately there are jerks & hypocrites in every party.

hotic... hoticedcoffee

He certainly sounds like a hypocrite, but your complete oversight of the proverbial pot calling the kettle black is amusing ( though certainly not surprising).  Walsh isn't spreading lies about Obama's part in the debt debacles - he's 100% correct in saying Obama has no shame and claims no responsibility for the mess we're in.  Seems to me that Walsh and your boy Obama are cut from the same cloth.  So when do we get your article about Obama's campaign and term, where he's used "your kids and grandkids and their futures to help you win political office while not doing your part to help them in the here and now. It's so disgusting and repugnant, there are no words."?

nonmember avatar tbs

How does that make Obama a hypocrite hoticecoffee? Anyways...

I will tell you what makes Walsh more of a hypocrite is him foreclosing on one of his homes during the election. Maybe he is just an idiot and he doesn't realize that almost all mortgages are backed by the federal government. I'm pretty sure he doesn't care though, cause he figures I'll just live in my new home and I'll have no problem getting credit as a congressman (AKA political parasite). Anyhow not to belittle his paramount level of irresponsibility as a father. But to me the foreclosure on a second home when he can loan his campaign $30K just shows that this guy deserves his picture in the dictionary next to hypocrite. If social parasite had a definition they could put his picture there too. Oh wait and this guys is using our tax dollars to send us letters about fiscal responsibility? WTF????

nonmember avatar Colnzgprnts

Isn't it interesting that Joe Walsh is declared guilty just because his ex-wife filed a lawsuit. Might we ask if she filed the lawsuit because she thinks the money is owed her or if she filed the lawsuit because someone is backing her for the purpose of embarassing her ex-husband.

Some reporter at the Sun Times dredged up some dirt and without a blink of the eye, every liberal is ready to convict him. It causes one to wonder if perhaps Joe Walsh's greatest crime might be that he has an 'R' after his name..............

Joe Wallace

Does anyone know Joe Walsh's email address?
Why doesn't Joe Walsh post his biography on his official website?

nonmember avatar Nancy

Many here are missing the point as my child also has a deadbeat dad just like JOE. We need to protest why the Illinois Dept of Child and Family Services and the County States Attorney's Office did not prosecute Joe Walsh and every deadbeat parent who neglects support as it is their job. Did these agaencies not know when he became elected to garnish his wages or bring him into court. I have been trying for 3 years to get these agencies to do their jobs. They are largely to blame here!

nonmember avatar OakRidger

I'd like to point out two words in the sourced article. "Says" and "Claims." She says, she claims - but nothing has been proven yet. Once it's proven - then have at it.

nonmember avatar ItsDaPoleece

As much as I would love to throw the entire Tea Party to the wolves (almost literally) for being every one of them complete hypocrites, OakRidger's comment is correct. There is only a lawsuit and an accusation at the moment. While I expect this story to turn out true, as a *fair* liberal I have to hold Rep. Walsh to the same thinking I would ask of conservatives if Nancy Pelosi was allegedly back on her child support.

But which of you can defend the complete hypocrisy of the Tea Party being elected on the foundation of putting any and everything on the table to be cut from the budget, then turning their backs when Obama really *literally* put everything from Medicare, Social Security and taxbreaks for the rich on the table? The Tea Party supports cutting everything except taxbreaks for rich people? Vote these failures out of office! They're not here to help the working class. At least the rest of the GOP doesn't pretend to be.

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