President Obama Isn't Responsible for Republicans' Credit Card Bill


president obama speech debt defaultThe latest headlines out of Washington have sounded more like they have to do with a WWE Smackdown than a session of Congress. So, I guess it should come as no surprise that we had to have a little sit-down chat with both President Obama and John Boehner during primetime TV last night. Because we're bombarded by so much misinformation 24/7/365, both of 'em had to break the debt ceiling "crisis" down for us. Today, plenty of pundits are chalking the speeches up to a play from both sides to score political points. But I didn't see it that way.

I saw our beleaguered leader, remaining level-headed as he tried to explain the unnecessary challenges he's faced attempting to get something done that, until now, has been treated as basic housekeeping.

Then, I watched as House Speaker Boehner -- whose response, which was delivered from behind a presidential podium with mics, spoke non-verbal volumes about the level of power he thinks he has -- make it like he's the beleaguered one. Give. Me. A. Break.

If some Americans could calm their ADD for a moment and think back a mere three years, they might be able to better understand how we got to where we are now. This economic crisis cannot be attributed to our current President. It's a mess made and left behind by his predecessors, mostly one George W. Bush. We had a budget surplus in 2000. Then, Bush and Congress spent trillions on new tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans, fought two wars, and set up an expensive prescription drug program. The deficit was set up to top $1 trillion the year Obama took office.

And ever since that year, the Republicans have said "no" at every turn and attempted to block Obama from getting anything done. And when he has gotten things done (take healthcare reform), they've wasted time and energy attempting to overturn it. And what's really dumbfounding is that suddenly, after wracking up that "credit card bill" over the past eight years, they think they can just become the fiscal conservatives again overnight. Ha, it's almost a joke. This entire battle in Washington is a joke. It's not as complicated as Boehner would have us believe. Everything Obama wants to do -- "reduce the deficit by around $4 trillion and put us on a path to pay down our debt" -- is reasonable, balanced, fair, and makes sense. It's almost laughable that there's even a debate about this.

But it's not funny. Because if stubborn politicians who are simply jockeying for political points by refusing to spend anything on America's future or to ask the wealthiest Americans or biggest corporations to contribute a dime continue to throw crybaby hissy fits and block the President's down-to-earth deals at every turn, it will only be a matter of time before our country goes from stuck to sunk.

What did you think about President Obama's and John Boehner's speeches last night?

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After reading what you got out of last night, it's better I not give my opinion because it's like I was watching something other than what you watched.

acrog... acrogodess

Thanks for posting this. Unfortunately, most people on read or listen to political propaganda. They'll read this and see it's tame and make sense and will look for the next Article that helps the point in horror and say "ah ha! It's all obama's fault! See. It says so right here." you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink is the old expression.

acrog... acrogodess

*only read or... Love how my phone drops words or parts of words

nonmember avatar Adam

Ok, seriously...when will the liberals/democrats JUST MOVE ON ALREADY(!!??!!) and stop blaming Bush for everything?? THIS is what is "really dumbfounding". THIS is what is "a joke". THIS is "laughable". The FACT is that EVERY PRESIDENT inherits the GOOD AND BAD left-overs from ALL of his predecessors. To simply single ONE lone man out and pin EVERYTHING on him, is irresponsible and childish. I hate Obama with a passion, but I would have a shred of respect for him if he would JUST STOP BLAMING OTHER PEOPLE for the trouble that he has helped create, AND SIMPLY OWN IT ALL. If I screw up on my job and blame other departments or my co-workers, the ONLY thing I do is make myself look worse than if I were to just own it and admit my mistakes. However, Obama somehow thinks that by CONSTANTLY blaming Bush and the "big bad mean old republicans" he will somehow fool us into not holding him responsible for anything at all. Change is coming Mr. Obama and it's gunna punch you square in the nose when it does, and I hope it's the hand of W. himself that has the pleasure of it...then something really will be his fault.


I agree with Adam. It's time to man up and quit playing the blame game. It doesn't do any good anymore and it just makes him look so immature. We're not buying it anymore. My mother who'd vote for Fred Flintstone if he was the democrat running is sick over her choice to vote for this president. He's drowning and even his own party isn't backing him anymore. It's really quite sad. I kind of feel bad for him. He's in so far over his head.

vmh127 vmh127

how in the world can you compare "set up an expensive prescription drug program" to the expensive public healthcare Obama has put into effect????  Why must democrats like you always be so one sided? 

Cheryl_M Cheryl_M

We need to just fire all politicians and start from scratch. It should never have been allowed to become profitable to rip off your own country.

nonmember avatar Adam

"stubborn politicians who are simply jockeying for political points by refusing to spend anything on America's future..." - - Here's a simple math lesson for you, Maressa: YOU CAN'T SPEND MONEY YOU DON'T HAVE. That is the position that Boehner and the right are that's dripping with common sense. The first lesson of digging holes is this: when you are in one, STOP DIGGING!! Obama thinks he can blame his way out of responsibility, spend his way out of debt, and fear-monger his way into re-election. Boehner is "refusing to spend anything on {Obama's version of} the future" and thank God for that!!

nonmember avatar truthisliberty

Obama is nothing but a man child who plays golf and blames others. Obama isn't an illuminated man, he's a leader of error who speaks as he does for there is light in him. Jesus is light, Obama is opaque. Only the naive follow the blind into a ditch.

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