Lawyer for Leiby Kletzky's Killer Quits Case for His Kids


gerard marrone
Gerard Marrone
I didn't think I could be more disturbed and sickened by the murder of 8-year-old Leiby Kletzky than I was already. Then I saw defense attorney Gerard Marrone on the news, explaining why he suddenly resigned from the case. Looking like a haunted man, Marrone said that as the father of three boys, he could not in good conscience continue to represent Kletzky's alleged killer, Levi Aron.

"I looked at my own children and there are no words. You see the victim and you feel so sad," said Marrone, who admitted to breaking down in tears over the "horrific" way Kletzky's life was ended.

"A little piece of me died when I got this case," he said.

That's when the gut-wrenching tragedy hit me on a whole new level. Criminal defense attorneys are tough guys; it comes with the territory. I've never seen someone in that line of work so openly repulsed by his client that he's forced to not only drop the case, but to drop all legal pretense and publicly react on a strictly human level: I'm too horrified by this man to defend him. 

What did Marrone see in Aron's eyes that shook him so badly? Those were the last eyes Leiby Kletzky ever looked into. To think that a perfectly innocent child had to spend the final moments of his life under that cold, empty stare makes me doubt the very order of the universe. So I completely understand what Marrone meant when he said, "Before I got involved I believed in the divinity of human beings, and when I got involved I questioned the divinity of human beings."

Of course he had to give up the case. As parents, how can we carry on raising our children if we don't harbor even the faintest hope that there's some meaning behind human life? I admire Marrone's honesty and his decision to put his children first.

Do you agree that Marrone did the right thing when he gave up the Leiby Kletzky case?


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AngiDas AngiDas

He did what was right for him. Good for him.

vamom08 vamom08

I like that he is honest and he is a man to think about his children.

melan... melanniek

This is what happens when people stop chasing the almighty dollar and start being human again.  It's about being able to live with and have respect for yourself.  I wish more people acted like this.

hotic... hoticedcoffee

You know, I understand the need for defense attorneys. I don't understand how they can defend someone who commits a crime like this one, and look at themselves in the mirror or sleep at night.  The details of this crime must be horrific, because Mr. Marrone looks like he's an established criminal defense attorney, and one has to assume he's seen his share of unspeakable acts.  Good for him for refusing the case.

Jennie Wilson

Its not about the dollar, its about giving representation to the worst among us, which is part of what makes America so different from many other places. I understand, on a perfectly normal human level, why this case sickens him, but this man is in the wrong profession.

Leslie Hunley Sholly

I think he did the right thing for HIM. My husband is an attorney and I am sure he would have done the same. However, that doesn't mean whatever attorney ends up with the case is a bad person. Someone needs to defend this guy, because that is the way our system works.

Sandra Greiff Ashby

I greatly admire this defense attorney. He definitely did the right thing for himself and his family. To defend this piece of sick garbage would be a sin for everyone. I only pray to God that this pervert suffers a million times more than poor Leiby did. Again, the attorney is to be commended for quiting this case.

mamao... mamaof4toddlers

I admire him. truthfull and actually looking at his family and realizing he can't defend someone who did a horrible deed to a child good for him I think any body who harms a child just needs to burn in hell suffer what they put those children through. torture them like they did the child let them get a feeling of what its like to be tortured 

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