Heat Wave Brings Record Misery Across The Country

Much of the country is in the midst of a killer summer heat wave and weather reports are indicating it is only going to get worse. In other words, it is hotter than Hades up in here and there is no relief in sight.

The heat wave is no laughing matter. It has already killed 22 people this week alone. The National Weather Service issued excessive heat warnings for wide areas of the central and eastern United States, saying the combined heat and humidity could push the "real feel" temperature to 115 degrees through Saturday.

Here in Boston, it actually feels painful to open the door. Even the breeze feels hot. And even though it is hot here, we don't have the worst of it. Here are the highest temps across the country:

  • Cleveland, Ohio:  Cleveland had its hottest temperature in 16 years on July 21 with temperatures reaching 97 degrees. It hasn’t been this hot in Cleveland since July 14, 1995, when the high temperature was 98.
  • Washington DC: The high in Washington DC is 103 tomorrow after a punishing 83 degrees overnight.
  • Wichita, Kansas: In Wichita, the current temperature is 104 during these early evening hours and the high was 106 degree on July 21. Hospitals in Wichita have already treated 25 heat-related illnesses.
  • New York City: In New York, the temperatures themselves are not what is so bad (though they are in the 90's), but the "real feel" is killer. The National Weather Service issued an “excessive heat warning” for New York and all of northeast New Jersey starting at noon — a warning the service issues only when the combination of heat and humidity cause temperatures to feel at least 105 degrees.


All I can say is that while I am boiling here in near oppressive heat, it could be worse, right? For instance, I could be sitting on the sun. Or I could have to bake bread in this temperature with no air conditioning. While pregnant.


Luckily, I am not in that position, so I can grin and bear it. At least while I am inside my air conditioned home.


How are you managing the heat?


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