Alaskan Sea Monster Is the Real Deal (VIDEO)


alaskan sea monsterWhatever, Scotland. Compared to the Alaskan Sea Monster, that elusive creature splashing around Loch Ness is about as impressive as a turtle. As a goldfish! Just ask Andy and Johnathan Hillstrand, hosts of The Discovery Channel's Deadliest Catch

After seeing video footage shot by a fisherman on Alaska's Bristol Bay of a long, many-humped creature with a horse-like head and long neck swimming through the water, the Hillstrands were convinced the beast is real -- convinced enough to film an hour-long Discovery Channel special around it called "Alaskan Monster Hunt." Their "deadliest catch" of all!

Except they didn't actually catch the Alaskan Sea Monster, but that doesn't mean the creature doesn't exist. Even Paul LeBlond, cryptozoologist and former head of the Department of Earth and Ocean Sciences at the University of British Columbia (with credentials like that, he MUST know what he's talking about), thinks the video is "very genuine." (Grainy and vague, admittedly, but also genuine.)

Here's how LeBlond and the Hillstrand brothers know the Alaskan version of Nessie isn't a fish: It sprays water out of its head and swims vertically instead of laterally. It can't be an eel, either, because eels don't have humps. What could it be??

Drumroll, please ... it could be ... a Cadborosaurus! What do you mean, you don't know what a Cadborosaurus is? Sheesh, there've been 300 sightings worldwide of Cadborosauri since 1932, get with the program. Fine, I'll explain. The Cadborosaurus is a leftover dinosaur that looks kind of like a combination between a seahorse, a serpent, and a camel and can grow to be at least 20 feet long.

The Loch Ness monster is also rumored to be a Cadborosaurus, but I think it looks a lot more like a periscope.

So until the Hillstrand brothers validate Nessie with a one-hour TV special, the Alaskan Sea Monster is the only dinosaur serpent for me.

Do you think the Alaskan Sea Monster is the real deal?


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nonmember avatar Amy

Theeir last name is Hillstrand

Pishyah Pishyah


hotic... hoticedcoffee

Yeah, Hillstrand....the video shoulda tipped you off...."Hillstranded....".

And, that said - very cool!  I love those brothers.

Octob... Octobersmom

The thing is that these creatures have been actually caught before but they always vanish before scientists can test them.

HotMa... HotMama330

Have you actually ever seen Deadliest Catch?  The Hillstands aren't the hosts of the show.  They are boat captains on the show.  The only show they ever hosted was this one about the sea monter hunt.

Having said that, the Hillstrands don't take themselves too seriously and neither does this show.  It was all in good fun.

Maj Kurt Masterson

You people really are stupid if you believe this shit. Even in 2009- the video sucks- the quality is horrible as always- and it could be MANY things as they already said at the Smithsonian- GET A LIFE!!!!!!

_elle... _elle_vee_

Why would they want to kill it!!!! I hope PETA gets on their asses!!!! Poor little sea creature. Leave it alone.

BettyPP BettyPP

I like to believe, stranger things have happened. =)

nonmember avatar citizenstrange

Seriously? Unles they are viewing some footage other than what is being shown here they are looking at a floating log. Maybe they could do a 12 hour special about Capone's secret vault next.

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