Town That Desecrated Nazi’s Grave Should Be Ashamed


cemeteryTalk about taking a creepy bit of news and making it 10 times creepier. A town in Germany is having a problem with Rudolf Hess. It seems his grave has become something of a tourist trap. What, not on your itinerary? That's probably because you're not a Nazi sympathizer.

Me neither. Kind of explains why I didn't know until now that the neo-Nazis pour into little Wunseidel by the thousands to worship at the grave of the deputy leader of the Third Reich, huh? Man, I feel for that town.

I live in a heavily trafficked tourist town, and it's hard enough sharing my roads with the Sunday driving visitors who are just really excited to see a cow or a bald eagle. I can't imagine being happy if the people clogging the lines at the neighborhood grocery store were white supremacists. My cart full of food might accidentally bang into the back of their heels a time or 20, if you know what I'm saying. And my "directions" to the hot spot might just send them on a wild goose chase on some really crappy dirt roads.

But town officials in Wunseidel have bypassed passive-aggressive tourist dissuasion methods and gone straight on into crazy town. They dug up Rudolf Hess' grave, pulled out the dead creep's bones, and burned them. Now they won't tell anyone what they're doing with the ashes.

Wow. It sounds familiar, doesn't it. Who was it who desecrated human bodies and refused survivors a place to visit their loved ones' remains? Oh right ... the Nazis.

Yeah, I went there. A bit overboard, I'll admit, but there's just something about this that bothers me. 

Not because I have even an iota of respect for Hess. This was a guy who reportedly took everything Adolf Hitler said and spit it back out; he was so caught up in his own hero worship that he didn't do a dang thing to protect the millions of innocent men and women slaughtered during the Holocaust. He was the ultimate scumbucket.

But he was a human being. The fact that he was a despicable one, that we as sane members of society found him to be a depraved individual doesn't negate that.

It's as human beings ourselves that we have to remember what it was that was so wrong about the practices of Hitler, the Third Reich, and men like Rudolf Hess. They believed in levels of humanity, that theirs was the superior race, that they could judge who was worth living and who was worth dying. They abandoned human beings in mass graves, they burned people's bodies, because they deemed them a lesser race, a lesser quality of person. It was disgusting.

Now consider the removal of Rudolf Hess' grave. People in Wunseidel deemed themselves "better" than Hess and his cronies. Knee jerk, and I'd agree. But what does it say about them that they acted on it?

I'll be honest. I can't think of a better option off the top of my head, but grave desecration makes me uncomfortable. It seems they could have done something other than burning his bones and closing the grave.

Does the town's decision to mess with a grave seem right to you? Can you think of a better option?


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Mocha... MochaCocoaBean

That's just creepy. And doesn't really teach anyone a lesson.

Ataem... Ataemommy

That's ridiculous. The people in Wunseidel weren't being vicious, they were being protective in attempting to stop the encouragement of Hitler's legacy living on.

jkm89 jkm89

Well ever think maybe there was a good reason for this? I don't think neo-nazis are the most peaceful group of people, especially by the thousands.  Maybe there were safety concerns for the towns' residents? Maybe they were causing problems? I don't care if he was a human being, once you aid in the torture and murder of millions of people. you pretty much lose any "rights" you have. Or you sure as shit don't deserve them.

L25 L25

The only thing really creepy to me about this article is the people who worship this grave. If I had a clan of neo-nazis coming to my town to congregate around the grave of a dispicable human being I might be ok with this also. HE wasn't ALIVE when they burned HIS bones, for you to compare this in any way is disgusting to me.

nonmember avatar Okie

I read another article that said the lease on the grave was up and that his family agreed to have him cremated and his ashes spread out at sea. The US is one of the few countries in the world that doesn't "lease" graves or have multiple people buried in the same grave. I have no problem with it, especially since his family agreed with the plan

hotic... hoticedcoffee

Digging him up and burning the remains sounds like a fine way to solve the problem of Neo-Nazi infestation.  It's not like those are the sort of folk you can reason with.

nonmember avatar Silent Ounce

The article I read said that they had his closest living relatives consent in this so I fail to see the problem. Plus, they did say what they did with the ashes, they scattered them at sea.

Perhaps you should do some more research before you go off on a tirade and invoking Godwin's Law.

nonmember avatar Billy bob

This is by far the least thought through piece I've ever read on the internet.I'm not exaggerating."uncomfortable" in the exhuming of a body to cremate? comparing the town to nazis? first, it is a body and bodies have been exhumed for ever across all cultures.hardly creepy.maybe you are so far removed from death that you aren't accustomed to this, but most in the world are. As for implyingthat there is something wrong inthat town for doing this is really playing on the m. night shamalayan type of dark, isolated towns living in midieval cultural bubbles.....FAIL.

nonmember avatar Okie

I read an article that said that the lease was about up on the grave and that his family agreed to the plan. His ashes were spread in an undisclosed place in the ocean. You have to remember the US is one of the few countries in the world where you don't "lease" a burial site and you don't have multiple people buried in the same place. Personally if his family was in agreement I have no problem with what they did.

Ataem... Ataemommy

Goes to show -- you don't have to do research to be a writer on current events anymore!

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