Pregnant Woman Fakes Labor to Get Out of Speeding Ticket


pregnant woman driving in carNo doubt police have heard people use every excuse imaginable to get out of a speeding ticket: "I'm not feeling well." "I was just keeping up with traffic." "My radar detector never went off." But this one really takes the cake.

When a police officer in New Zealand pulled over a speeding car on a state highway, the driver claimed his friend, a 23-year-old pregnant woman who was sitting in the passenger seat beside him, was giving birth. And the mother-to-be even had her feet up on the dashboard for dramatic effect!

The officer immediately called the woman an ambulance and cordoned off the road to make way for the paramedics to arrive; the driver was let go without a ticket.

But the story doesn't end there ...

When the woman arrived at the hospital, she promptly discharged herself; the hospital staff then called police looking for her. They put two and two together and determined that 1) she was only seven months pregnant and 2) had faked the labor to get her friend out of the ticket. In other words, totally BUSTED. The driver has since been arrested for dangerous driving-related charges.

Not to be a buzz-kill or act like I'm above getting out of speeding tickets (I'm the first, not the second), but there's something about this story that's really annoying. For one thing, the car was clocked speeding at more than 90 miles per hour -- that's really fast! That this woman would put herself, her unborn child, and all the other people on the road in danger is selfish and irresponsible.

Plus, the fact that she used her pregnancy to break the law is sickening. God forbid if there actually HAD been a pregnancy-related emergency ... why would anyone risk tempting fate like that?

Is faking labor a good way to avoid a speeding ticket?


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clg1213 clg1213

A while back, there was a story in Boston where a man did get a ticket while he was taking his wife to the hospital.  I believe he was driving in the shoulder lane (which, in some places, might have been legal at certain hours but wasn't then).  There was a lot of debate over the fact that he still got the ticket.  I hadn't taken a side but also hadn't considered the faking-it possibility.  Horrible that this sort of behavior might end up casting doubt on real emergencies

JessL... JessLogansMommy

i once thought about faking my water breaking at Marshals while waiting on line 2 days before Christmas but then I was worried someone would call an ambulance.  Generally when you go into labor you still have plenty of time to get to the hospital and there is no reason to speed.  If its that much of an emergency that you have to speed, call 911.  

Deborah Eubanks

I believe speed limits should be abolished for the most part, except where there are schools or other special circumstances. HOWEVER I also believe people should act responsibly. And they don't, so... This is exactly the sort of thing that makes life harder for all honest and moral people in the world, and the driver and the woman both should be severely punished and made an example of. Will that policeman take the same quick actions next time he's faced with an "emergency", or will he remember that he was duped before, is he being duped again? But, neither of them will probably not be punished at all as severely as they deserve to be.

Ashley Elaine White Oliver

@Deborah - SERIOUSLY? Do you REALLY think that people would abide by that? Oh here's a car that goes up to 110 MPH, and here's an open road for you to dictate your own speed. Riiiiight. Because we have so many responsible teen drivers out there. Let's just let 'em run loose and see what happens. LOL.  The whole, "we can police and regulate ourselves" philosophy is a nice day dream and all... but come on now. Let's be a LITTLE realistic here.

Cheryl_M Cheryl_M

People who use pregnancy as an excuse are sick!

On a side note, I was pulled over at 2am on a back road in my small town. There wasn't a car in sight, and I had a very good excuse for speeding. I had my son in the back of the truck with a temp of 104.7 degrees. I was travelling at 50mph in a 40mph zone. I can totally understand why I got pulled over - what I can't understand, nor tolerate, is that the rookie who pulled me over made me wait at the side of the road for more than five minutes so he could examine my truck thoroughly. WTH?! What could have happened if my son's fever had spiked during the extra time it took me to get to the hospital? Police officers need to be trained more on how to handle emergency situations - and how to spot fake from real.

Arcani Susanna Brannon

Actually there are less wrecks on the autobahn in Germany than in America. The autobahn has no set speed limit only speed suggestions, AND if you are in an accident in one of those areas and you are "SPEEDING" the entire accident is your fault whether it was or not.  Since we got off topic

Now back to topic. Faking labor is not cool to get out of anything, especially a friend's traffic violation


nonmember avatar B.J.

That is ridiculous! If I were pregnant I would be more nervous being with someone who was driving like a psycho let alone help them get out of a ticket!

other... other_mother

Deborah, there was a period of time where Montana had no speed limits.  The guiding principle was safe and prudent.  We had fewer traffic deaths than previously or afterward during that period because people drove for the conditions.  They didn't think the speed limit is 75, so I am going to go 75.  Instead, they drove 50 because it was snowing hard outside.  Unfortunately, politics and a lack of revenue from tickets changed that, and we are right back where we were with speed limits, and once again, more highway deaths.

Kiki1212 Kiki1212

Is this a serious question?

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