Michele Bachmann Attacks Reporter Brian Ross Mafia-Style


Brian RossGood news for Michele Bachmann. If husband Dr. Marcus Bachmann's "pray the gay away" homosexual conversion clinics ever (finally?) go under, she's got a ready made venture waiting in the wings to fund her presidential campaign. She can open a clinic to treat the wounds of reporters like Brian Ross, the ABC News correspondent roughed up by her handlers this week when he tried to ask Bachmann pointed questions about how her headaches have affected her work in Congress.

Think I'm kidding? If this is how Bachmann's campaigners treat journalists every time they annoy the candidate, we're looking at a long line of victims.

Ross was reportedly treated to a Mafia-style bruising when he followed Bachmann as she ignored his questions (he wanted to know if she'd ever missed a House vote because of her headaches, which she says she treats with medicine to stay on the job). The attack came a week after ABC ran a piece featuring Ross taking down Dr. Bachmann's clinic, which he called "fresh insight into what Michele Bachmann has called her family business -- the primary source of income for her family as she left her law practice to move into politics."

Journalists have been thwarted in their attempts to investigate the Christian counseling clinic by Bachmann's claims of doctor/patient confidentiality, but Ross found real patients who were willing to go on record. The result revealed the doctor has lied about the goings on at the clinic, and showed its common practices fly in the face of American Psychological Association directives. In other words: Ross just ripped Michele Bachmann's main funding source to shreds in a national news report. And a week later, he's treated to manhandling the likes of which witness and fellow reporter Michael Crowley of TIME Magazine observed: "I have never seen a reporter treated so roughly at a campaign event, especially not a presidential one."

Touché Michele!

If she's going to proceed with her campaign, Bachmann has to understand that poking through her closet for skeletons is the nature of the beast. She's not running for dog catcher. She wants to be the next president of the United States, and Americans deserve to know what sort of activities she supports and where her money is coming from.

There are going to be a lot more reporters digging up dirt she doesn't like. Is she going to have them all attacked on her behalf, leaving a string of wounded journalists in her wake? Or is she going to start acting like a real candidate?


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Robert Wittner

Actually, it was ABC reporter Ross who accosted Bachmann. Eyewitness reports state that  "Ross dashed after Bachmann, repeatedly asking whether she had ever missed a House vote due to a migraine. She ignored him. Ross pursued her into a parking area behind the stage. Her aides grew alarmed. "

Ross and his media girlfriends on Team Obama are lying about this incident.

AngiDas AngiDas

I do understand why we can't find someone to run this country for all it's citizens,not just those whole believe in the Christian God. Gays,Muslims and Atheists,etc,etc are part of American and  they need respected and represented.

tinyp... tinypossum

I don't care about her migraines, but I do wonder why she is afraid to answer unpleasant questions. It's preposterous to think that she or her handlers were in any way threatened by 62 y/o Ross, who is a very well know TV reporter. That's just moronic. If she can't deal with questions about her migraines, how in the world can she handle herself in the WH? Is she planning to have the Secret Service beat up anyone who asks her an inconvenient question? 


First, what her husband does or doesn't do has nothing to do with her job or an election. Also, she's gone over her migraines in MANY interviews. Two weeks ago she addressed them fully. Knock it off already. So she gets them and takes medication. SO WHAT? This man ran after her in the parking lot when she ignored his questions because she already addressed them. I'm not saying I'm fond of her but man, she could solve all the problems in the world and most of you people would still find something wrong. How about we wait and see who's the nominee and not pick every single damn thing apart this woman says and does?

Payton Irwin

JAFE -- what her husband does is enormously important. You can safely assume that she supports his work (because husbands and wives don't often stay together a long time in discord over basic values), and he also receives federal funds which she benefits from, being his spouse. She has also said that he is her mentor on the campaign trail, so his words are likely coming out of her mouth.

Beyond that, though, I think we need to drop this migraines-thing.

nonmember avatar ablooter

where is the video? You know ABCNEWS has the film but it must make them look bad thus why they won't show it.


Yes, he's a clinical therapist. What's wrong with that? He can do whatever he wants to. He won't be the president. We already know they are very religious. Has she ever tried to hide that? They believe what they believe. Just like they talked about Todd Palin and being a stay at home dad. People want to find dirt so I'm sure they will. It's up to the smarter person to dig into it and not believe these shock headlines. I agree with ablooter. Where is this video and why did he chase her through the parking lot? Pretty dumb of him in my opinion.

Pat Henry

I do not recall Brian Ross, ABC or any other socialist media putting as much effort into investigating Barack Hussein Obama. Why treat them all the same?

hotic... hoticedcoffee

Until we see the unedited tape, I'm going to assume the usual tactics of the mainstream media are at play - this story has been cut, cleaned, sanitized and made into that tasty biased goo before being regurgitated  into the squaking open mouths of Liberals.

Frank Burns

She is a thug. Thug = GOP. What else?

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