Robber Turned Sex Slave Story Is a Hoax & Women are Bummed Out


handcuffed manMy mom always said, if something seems too good to be true, it probably is. You remember our Russian friend Olga who caught a robber and imprisoned him as a sex slave.  She beat the would-be robber, dragged him to the back room, tied him up, fed him Viagra and kept him as a sex slave for three days. God that story was great, wasn't it? When I wrote about it earlier this week, I was all, "Olga's awesome! She's going to Hollywood!"

Now I'm all, "Oh crap. Olga's not awesome and not real? I was duped? SON OF A CRUTCH."

Well turns out, no one really knows for sure what the heck is going on. It hasn't been proven that the story's real ... which is to say that it also hasn't been proven that the story isn't real, if you catch my drift. Ack, I'm confused. Let's start with some "facts."

So the story first made it's round two years ago when some Russian newspapers published it, and the UK paper the Daily Mail picked it up. They had first names, photos, the whole deal. Then earlier this week, the Daily Mail published the story again, this time with first and last names, and a blurred out photos of an attractive woman in a black dress. We bloggers jumped on it, and it's been spreading around the Internet faster than a Bigfoot photo or video of cute kittens falling asleep. 

Guess it goes to show that no matter how hard you wish for the woman-keeps-sex-slave story to be true, at the end of the day it might turn out to be fake. Or, rather, it might turn out that it can't proven to be true. Slight difference, but it gives me hope.

Is it wrong to hope that Olga exists and is kicking butt all over Russia? Absolutely. But, sorry, I can't help it. She's sensationalized beyond recognition at this point and has become some sort of mythical legend of evil girl power that has totally captured my interest, and maybe yours, too.

I know, I know, it would be 100% different if it were a man imprisoning a woman (which would be like something out of the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) and I guess it's kind of sick that we got a kick out of the story, but it's not the first time nor the last time that a story about female role reversal will catch fire on the Internet and make us fools with our wide, bewieving eyes.

I'm kind of hoping stories about Olga, and I don't care if they're tall tales or not, start surfacing all over the place. Olga could be the Dexter of Europe, hunting down bad men and teaching them a lesson using blue pills and handcuffs. Still think Quentin Tarantino could use her in a movie or two.

So. Do you think the story is fake?

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LKRachel LKRachel

It would be one thing if this woman (real or not) kicked the ass of someone trying to break into her home, that would be great-good for her. But whether this story is true or not why should she be praised? What she did in this story is a crime regardless of how he came into her house. If it were a female robber who broke into a mans home and he made her his sex slave, you wouldn't even consider championing him.

lakis... lakissakay

Callllled it...
Also, if this woman is your hero, you have serious issues.

Savannah Rae Mello

Nobody prays for ANY sex slave story to be true..or at least I hope not..

jenny... jenny08_1015

I have not heard this story before.  If that really happened she would go to jail for all sorts of thing (rape and false imprisonment especially.)  That's pretty messed-up.

mommix4 mommix4

Wow you need help

Allison Priest Leonard

Oh darn, you mean a story about someone being drugged, tied up, and raped repeatedly for 3 days isn't true? Dang it, I hate when that happens!

Lindsay Mannering, you truly disgust me. I thought the first article was bad, but you have taken depravity to a whole new level.

clg1213 clg1213

I was one of the first commenters on the prior thread.  And I actually discussed it with my BF and mentioned that I wondered if it was true.  But I also said that what really upset me was the reaction to the story (not that the story itself wouldn't have horrified me alone)....even with it being false, the REAL reaction of the people who laughed and cheered still disturbs me.  Is it that we are so desensitized that we no longer feel much?  I'm struggling to put a spin on it that doesn't leave me a bit depressed.  Make fun of me if you wish, I'm not usually the overreacting type, but this really hit a nerve. 

Likewise, some women cheered the recent Lorena-Bobbit-esque story....including some of the gals on The Talk.  Unless a true horror story came out about what he did, I can't fathom rewarding her actions.

nonmember avatar Liz

I was skeptical when I first heard it. I mean, seriously, did she just happen to have some Viagra on hand in case something like this happened?

Léo Melanson

I'm starting to think this story is fake, because no two sources seem to get their facts straight. Site have said she tied the robber to a radiator, other say a bed. The objects used to restrain the robber have been said to be robe, pink handcuffs and hair dryer cable. Some say she's a black belt, others says she had minor karate training. The attack changes from a punch to the face, to a kick that knocked his head against something. Finally, some stories say the woman was alone when the robbery happened, closing up shop, while other say that there was a few people left who still saw her drag the body.

The only thing that stays the same is the name, the big picture ("robber used as sex slave") and this quote they have of her. But, quite frankly, when so many details are inconsistent, I don't believe the story (and again, this was a quick Google news search I did, reading like only 5 stories).

Elizabeth Gronewald

I am actually "bummed out" because there was a large number of women cheering on rape and pushing back the movement to take rape victims seriously. No person should be hailed as "awesome" for raping someone else, real or not. Women fought to be equal to men, not to be equally sexist and condescending. Any person who cheers on double standards placed on any sex contributes to inequality and sexism in our society and should have no leg to stand on when being outraged about sexism against their own sex. Anyone who claims to have grounds to stand on after applying double standards actually hurts the whole reach for equality.

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