Woman Cuts Off Husband's Penis and Grinds It Up in Garbage Disposal


catherine becker
Catherine Becker
Meet Catherine Becker, this year's Lorena Bobbit. The 48-year-old California woman drugged her husband so he'd be sleepy, tied him to the bed, and then waited for him to wake up. When he did, she cut his penis off, put it in the garbage disposal, and turned it on. Then she called 911.

Police found her husband, 51, bleeding from the crotch and rushed him to the hospital. He is in critical condition. Becker has been charged with aggravated mayhem, false imprisonment, assault with a deadly weapon, administering a drug with intent to commit a felony, poisoning, and spousal abuse. That's a lot of charges.

What would inspire someone to do such a thing?

When Lorena Bobbit severed her husband John's penis in the infamous 1993 case, she said it was because he raped her and had sexually, physically, and emotionally abused her throughout their marriage. She accused him of infidelity and of forcing her to have an abortion. She was found not guilty at trial by reason of temporary insanity.

John Bobbit's penis was not put through a garbage disposal and was surgically reattached. And he tried to use the notoriety of the case to make a buck -- he started a band called The Severed Parts and he appeared in a porn movie. In 2007, Lorena Bobbit founded Lorena's Red Wagon, which helps to prevent domestic violence through family-oriented activities.

There's not much news out there on why Catherine Becker cut her estranged husband's penis off, but she seems to have had "a plan." She had the poison available to drug him and seems to have thought the whole thing out. The couple were getting divorced and Becker supposedly told police that her husband "deserved it."

Which raises the question:

Are there any circumstances under which a man "deserves" to have his penis cut off?

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Jen Dopson

I can think of a few. Child rape comes to mind.

Anthony Celeste

NOTHING justifies violating the constitution.

siggi... siggie-sweete

"NOTHING justifies violating the constitution."


Just what I'd expect a man to say to this article. LOLOL!

I agree with Jen 100%! And I can think of a few other good reasons too!

Lynette Lynette

rape & sexual abuse of a child. 

clintam clintam

No way! That's sick! How dare she do that!

Allison Priest Leonard

I'm a woman and I don't think that anyone deserves having their penis cut off, but geez Anthony, let's have a civilized conversation.

Elizabeth Gronewald

It really didn't take long for people to start throwing out cuss words at each other. I believe that nobody should be mutilated in such a violent way. Yes, rape is a tragic and violent act, but mutilating the person who did it will not take back what they did. Nobody can turn back the hands of time and erase their actions. Rapists should be punshed, yes, but taking away power from a person through sex and violence can still be committed without genitals. Also, Anthony, calling everyone bitches was uncalled for. I do not like Nancy Grace. I certainly do not masturbate to her. I also do not start cursing at people because they disagree with me. Mature adults do not immediately jump to cursing others out when discussions do not go their way. If anything, it was only sigge-sweete that even put down your comment disrespectfully, and your response was still out of line. Sigge-sweete, stop generalizing men and denigrating their thoughts just because they are men. That is sexist and rude. Anthony, actually look at how people respond to you and do not make sweeping generalizations because someone was rude to you. Everyone else besides you two on this comments section was more mature in all respects.

Elizabeth Gronewald

Sorry, meant to say "punished". Got a little too carried away whilst typing...

mommy... mommyajay

Rape or molestation of a child

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