Casey Anthony Needs Plastic Surgery


Casey AnthonyIf the not guilty verdict in the Casey Anthony trial left you feeling a little down about the state of society, just wait. It's about to get worse. Casey has considered plastic surgery. And in the saddest statement about society yet -- it's probably the best idea she's ever had.

Hold up now, don't shoot the messenger. This isn't a boob job or lipo. Anthony's family has suggested she alter her looks to protect her from a nation of angry Americans looking for vengeance for little Caylee. She's apparently said no ... for now ... but inside sources say it's because she doesn't understand just how rampant the hatred is, even as she's being sent to a "secret location" to live as she leaves a Florida jail.

Over the top? Maybe not. Only 12 percent of Americans in a Rasmussen survey said they think the mom is actually "not guilty." And the rest of them are a vocal bunch. There's a Facebook page dubbed "Casey Anthony better get plastic surgery done if she wants to stay alive." And people have had the stupidity to actually "fan" it along with pages such as "Casey Anthony is a sick twisted bitch who needs to BURN in HELL."

The FBI may consider Joe Luis Saenz, a suspected murderer, as its number one most wanted criminal, but the vitriol on the interwebs makes it clear that the American public thinks Casey Anthony is public enemy number one. And people aren't afraid to show their sadistic side. The death threats are pouring in. This is the society we live in.

A society where a woman who was technically acquitted by a jury is getting death threats, where people have suggested we abandon our current justice system simply because it didn't work the way THEY wanted it to. In a world where people's quickest response to a woman getting away with murder (in their opinion) is to plan their own violent act, you better believe Casey Anthony needs to disguise herself to stay safe.

Do you think she should have surgery?


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hmeg89 hmeg89

absolutely disgusted in people's behavior over this. some disturbed person is going to commit some violent act towards her and justify it in the name of caylee. The exploited dead toddler everyone that everyone wants "justice" for. She should get surgery, something.

krenk... krenke414

It's sad our justice system failed in this case, but I believe it's important to have a justice system and the public needs to respect that.  It's always said it is better to let hundreds of guilty free than to imprison one innocent person and that is why we have our justice system.  It's not a fool proof system and sometimes mistakes are made, but it needs to be respected, because it does more good than harm.

Kiki1212 Kiki1212

I'm NOT sad that people are angry. What would be sad, would be for people to NOT care that a person is getting away with MURDER! That would worry me more. People are justifiably angry.

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

I think she'll need it if she wants to stay alive. If I were her I'd get the surgery, get a speech coach to help me develop a new accent, and then move to a country where the story wasn't headline news for weeks on end. Even if she does just change her appearance someone will track her down. Look at that case in the UK where two tween boys kidnapped and killed a toddler. They were adults when they were released and of course their appearance had changed a great deal but someone managed to get ahold of their pictures and they were front page news again.

Beths... Bethsunshine

Nope, she is getting away with murdering her own child. Don't give her ANYTHING that will make her life any easier.

hotic... hoticedcoffee

I agree with the prior poster - I would be more disgusted with society if there wasn't outrage over this woman walking free.  I'm not saying they 'not guilty' was the wrong verdict - in legal terms, it  probably was - but that doesn't change the fact that this woman probably killed her daughter because she was inconvenient, and got away with it.  She may have managed to dodge the jury, but I don't think she deserves to dodge the public hatred.  Nobody wants to see a child killer go on to lead a happy life.

bills... billsfan1104

Kiki, yes people are upset, but it is becoming a lynch mob not only agaisnt her, but against her family, anyone with the last name Anthony, the jurors, the judge, and the defense team. The prosecution has said that they respect the decision, not one that they hoped for, but they resepct what the jurors did. And then you have the likes of Nancy Grace accusing the jury of not doing their job, not taking notes etc etc. But if the jury went the way she wanted, she would of been singing their praises.

Its abosulutly disgusting how people have been acting towards this case and this case alone. Our justice system should be respected. And it is not, because people did not get their way.

momve... momversuswild

Our justice system let her slip through the cracks.  I say now she should have to reap the real life consequences to her actions out in the real world...whatever they may be.  I hope no plastic surgeon touches it.

Partl... PartlySunny

Unless you didn't watch one bit of media coverage, then walked into that courtroom, sat through the entire trial, and deliberated with the jury, you really have no ability to judge this case fairly. Listening to "reporters" who edit their stories with music in the background or emotional commentators who pontificate about how they think things should turn out before a trial is even held doesn't serve any of us well.

Purpl... PurpleHazey

She should not have any special treatment nor should she be escorted out of jail, I think the tax payers have spent enough money on someone who chose to cover up the fact a 2 year old was missing. I think she should be treated like any other person who is let out of jail fend for herself she choose that path in life and nobody else should have to foot the bill. The way I see it is that she has had special treatment the hole time in jail and she is laughing at the whole system, it is time for that special treatment to stop.

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