Harmless Senior Prank Lands Teen in Prison


bathroom stallsThink back to when you were a kid. Remember all that stupid stuff you did? For me, drinking my parents' Coors Light on the roof of my house and bringing (and throwing) water balloons to school the last week of my senior year come to mind. (Not to be topped by my friend smoking a cigarette in English class on a dare when we had a sub.) Point is, kids do dumb stuff -- especially when it's the end of the school year. It's a rite of passage, it's been happening since the beginning of time, and it shouldn't change.

Except it might. Because an Indiana school called the cops, K9 dogs, and a bomb squad on 18-year-old Tyell Morton who was simply playing a senior prank. Now he's facing up to eight years in prison.

Here's what Tyell did: He put a blow-up sex doll in a bathroom stall on the last day of school. Kind of funny, right? Yeah, not to the janitor, who saw the student running away from the school in a hooded sweatshirt. The janitor, all freaked out by the image of a student running away from school on the last day, apparently told some higher-ups, who apparently watched some security footage, which apparently showed Tyell entering the building wearing gloves, package in hand, and exiting it packageless five minutes later. 

Okay, so I could see how one would be a little freaked out after reviewing such an incident. And of course it's in the best interest of the school and all the other students to err on the side of caution. But police arresting Morton and charging him with disorderly conduct, a misdemeanor, and institutional criminal mischief -- a felony that could put him in jail for up to eight years in prison -- seems little excessive.

How about a stern talking to? How about a couple scare tactics? Arresting a kid for taking part in something that millions of kids take part in every June is a terrible thing and it sends the wrong message.

What kind of world are we living in when we have to fear that an innocent joke -- something that's meant to illicit laughter -- could wind us up in prison? That's not correcting anything in society. That's turning young kids into fear mongers. With all the crap things that are going on in the world, is this really what people are getting arrested for? A sex doll? Dang.

Do you think it was right to arrest Tyell?


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bills... billsfan1104

Did he get 8 years or not?? You headline is confusing with the story. And it is not a harmless prank. If that was a ten planting a bomb or something else, you would of bitched and moaned that the school officials didnt do anything. Kids are stupid, but they need to understand, with the Columbine shootings, act of terrorism, that we are on heightened alert.

Mary Beth Miller Stenger

I agree with the writer. I often tell my children I wouldn't want to be young today when every little thing you do can land you in such hot water. The prior commentator misses the point that looking into the incident was fine; going overboard in the punishment when the facts were uncovered is ridiculous. It wasn't a bomb just a blonde? bombshell. ;) Lighten up people--we've turned into the land of the free and the home of the chicken-shit.

Kia Warner

and yet a senior last year, weeks before graduation, who maliciously sent porn via text & email to many students claiming it was a minor student got off with a stern talking to & walked at graduation - the school chose not to press charges of defamation of character, sending of pornographic material to minors etc -- I can't make sense of our systems any more : (

Tonya Brady

Your article is misleading.  The scare tactic they are applying to the boy are the severe charges filed against him.  He will end up getting probabtion, a fine, and some community service.  As well he should. 

Jennifer Doyle

I completely disagree Billsfan1104! Sure they should have been concerned and cautious. But once they found out that it wasn't an act of terrorism just a kid pulling a harmless prank, the kid should have been scolded but not arrested! That kind of thing doesn't warrent a prison time or a blemished record.

Willow Moon

I have to say with this if you live in Indiana you better not wear a hoody to school for NOTHING and when it is cold just plan on your hands being cold as F&$@ cause if you wear gloves you could go to prison especially if you have a hoody on and if you have those two things on make sure you don't take your backpack to school that day you will for sure get arrested. SO STUPID!!!
I say every kid that lives in that state should wear hoodies and gloves to school and carry backpacks and see if they are going to arrest the whole school they might see how dumb this is. A blow up porn doll isn't illigel for any age to have. Next time maybe they won't wear the gloves into the school but use the hoodie to grab door handles and knobs ROFLMFAO!!!

nonmember avatar Tiffany

In light of the last comment I have to comment. I totally agree with the Fabian-Weber on this one. This is really just a typical senior prank, stupid and thoughtless. My class glued the doors shut (yes they got in trouble, but no they weren't threatened with legal action that could affect the rest of their lives!)

Kim Colby Easton

Yea, sorry, don't agree! I think the kid should have been arrested. Like another person commented, w/ Columbine and other school shootings, and all the terrorist problems we've had... I don't think he should be charged w/ a felony but if he is a senior and is graduating this year, he should definitely know that what he did would draw attention and possible scare someone! Especially wearing gloves and a hoodie and then running from the school, come on!! Sorry, I don't agree w/ senior pranks at all either. Kids are kids but as a graduating senior you are expected to act as an adult, not a little kid!

momsa... momsangel143

Seriously people? It was a PRANK!!! He didn't kill anyone, or plant a bomb. I feel so blessed to live in a country who lives in fear of simple crap like putting a BLOW UP DOLL in a BATHROOM!!! Maybe his parents should pay for the cost of the police to sniff out a bomb, but 8 years in prison!? Come on people! Should his future be thrown away for a simple prank that all teens do at their schools?  Would you want your own child sent to jail for this? We have a woman who got off on murdering her child, yet let's send a teen to jail for a harmless prank. Maybe we should rename our country the Twilight Zone or something.

Suzanne Pohl

Thats a pretty funny prank. To bad someone always has something up their butt to make the kid look bad!

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