Nancy Grace Should Not Judge the Casey Anthony Jury


Nancy GraceWhen the not guilty verdict in the Casey Anthony murder trial was handed down today, much of the nation let out a collective cry of outrage. From Nancy Grace to Kim Kardashian and pretty much every person I spoke with or saw post on Facebook today, people are furious that Caylee Anthony's death will not be avenged and that the woman we all "knew" was guilty was not found to be.

Never one to mince words, but rather use them to inflame the masses, Grace in particular offered a seething reaction: "There is no way that this is a verdict that speaks the truth. As the defense sits by and has their champagne toast after that not guilty verdict, somewhere out there, the devil is dancing tonight.”

But what truth does Grace know?

It's nice, attention-grabbing rhetoric, but like the rest of the coverage she has delivered throughout this case, her opinions are based almost entirely on emotional reaction to what she has seen. And what she and none of us have seen or heard is what the jury saw and heard -- the real evidence upon which their decision was based.

Grace and others call it an outrage of justice, but the real outrage here is how quickly Americans are to condemn our judicial system based on the rantings of people like Grace. Whether Casey Anthony is guilty or not is not up to us to decide; it's up to the jury. As much as their decision is hard to believe based on what WE have seen, we should respect it and trust that they are doing their job.

As my brother, Rory Ryan, a professor at Baylor Law School, said much more astutely than I could:

This wasn't a group of lawyers, or legislators, or corporate executives with a motive. It was 12 folks who heard an awful lot and had to make a sensitive decision about a matter within their community. And I am glad they, not many of my Facebook friends, will preside over important matters in my community. Again I thank the framers for entrusting these matters to a jury instead of those who watched highlights on "Headline News."

So as much as I ache for little Caylee and the horrible things she endured during her all-too-short life, and as much as I suspect Casey of things much greater than she was convicted of in my heart, in my head, I think the verdict reflects well on our judicial system. Namely, for the sake of any of us who may ever be falsely accused, it proves that our legal system does work, and that a jury is able to differentiate between thinking someone is guilty and proving it ... no matter what Nancy Grace says.

What do you think of Nancy Grace's coverage of the Casey Anthony case and reaction to the verdict?

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Karla Cruz Mulrenan

our justice system is screwed up! when celebrities get away with crimes like lindsay lohan, get special mansion house arrest and a woman who kills her daughter and a man who kills his wife are named not guilty YOU know its screwed up!!!!!! Laws are like rules of a game. There are always people who know the game well and play it well, they find little loop holes and win the game one way or another with all morals aside. 

nonmember avatar James

Absolutely, our justice system is just awful anymore. I mean, who lets 12 simple people judge something like this? It is clear and SHOULD be clear to everyone that biased professionals like Nancy Grace should be sitting in on these cases. Evidence-based facts? No way, man. Millions of impressionable TV viewers cannot possibly be wrong :-)

nonmember avatar Jessica Wages

I agree wholeheartedly with Nancy Grace. I believe the prosecution done a fabulous job presenting their case and the jury was wrong for their not guilty verdict. Where's the justice for Caylee!!!! Now Casey is free to live her beautiful and good life!!

nonmember avatar Maurie

Okay, why wouldn't she report her own flesh and blood missing after a whole month? Who does that?? What more evidence do you need? Is O.J. Simpson "not guilty" as well???? Your logic fails.

nonmember avatar MC

Thanks for this column, you are so right. What troubles me is that so many seem to forget that according to our Constitution, Americans are innocent until PROVEN guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. We were not in the courtroom for everything, we did not hear all the testimony, we don't know what they knew. If the jury couldn't convict, they couldn't convict. The court of public opinion, especially the likes of a Nancy Grace type circus is not our justice system. We must be grateful that we live in a country that will let the system work, whether we agree with it all of the time or not. This is an important column, I hope that many will see it and realize that they just need to take a breath and not get carried away by sensationalism and emotion.

nonmember avatar kb

Nancy grace has the whole world thinking Casey Anthony is a killer because she don't get the facts before she talk. She's soo loud she never wants to hear the facts. She cuts anybody off that try to disagree with her. I think she's a great person for putting all her time in to find missing kids. But all she did with Casey, is made this book and movie that will come out major hits

Ginger Koon

this verdict is disgusting! our system is BROKEN when the likes of Casey Anthony is found not guilty. Where is common sense?? OJ Simpson all over again. It is a TRAVESTY

Danie... DanielleDes

Thank you for the first sensible article I've seen on this.

Steve Lowes

you should think twice Nancy Grace...u talkabout how much money she might make...What the F.../ how about the money u r making over this story...Everyone is making money ...lawyers...judge..jourers... you should just shut up.your opion does not r making 6 figures..stay to the facts..thats why we have 12 people to decide and not one with it...thats why we have the right to a the constition...bill of rights...maybe u should just shut up who cares what u think...Matbe i should star6 a like you...

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