Casey Anthony Verdict Is OJ Simpson All Over Again

Casey AnthonyThe verdict of the Casey Anthony murder trial is in, and it's official. This really is the OJ Simpson trial all over again. While America watched, breathless, expecting the single mom accused of murdering her toddler daughter, Caylee, to be convicted, it didn't happen.

The verdict on the major counts of the indictment -- murder in the first degree, aggravated manslaughter, and child abuse -- was not guilty. Anthony, sitting in her ruffled pink shirt, broke down into tears of joy. Not guilty. Who expected that?


The media had, for all intents and purposes, convicted her. Nancy Grace, who intro'd the verdict on "Headline News" just minutes ago, was already talking about the possibility of the death penalty with callers. And she's already calling Caylee's death "unavenged." Sounds like OJ, doesn't it?

But it's easy to "blame the media." The fact is, most of America expected a guilty verdict, based solely on what they'd eaten up from those media reports. Like the OJ case before it, Americans practically ate, drank, and slept the Anthony case, even going so far as to stream the trial coverage live on their iPhones throughout their day, never able to put it down. And with "Headline News" trending high on Google today as people searched for verdict details from the channel that's kept up most of the coverage, chances are there were as many people watching this verdict as there were when OJ Simpson was set free back in the '90s. 

The American people had already made up their minds, and they were out for blood. And they -- we -- didn't get it. Anthony was convicted on a few lesser charges of lying to police, which she'll be sentenced for, but will otherwise walk free.

But we learned a lesson out of OJ, didn't we? That America will continue to make up its own mind even after the verdict. Most of America thinks he killed his wife, and that "not guilty" more than a decade ago hasn't changed that. A jury may have found Casey Marie Anthony "not guilty," but I don't expect that to change minds. I'm expecting a decade down the road, she'll still be one of America's most hated moms.

What about you? Was this a shocker or do you think it's the right decision? Did it change your mind?

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