Mom Harvested Dead Son’s Sperm to Make Grandchild


hospital bedI think it's normal for my parents to want a grandchild. A hint every now and then from my mom about how she'd like to have a baby in the family again has been standard operating procedure since I've hit the later 20s. What's not normal, however, is how badly Marissa Evans wants a grand-baby. She went a little too far. She harvested her dead son's sperm.

Marissa was devastated in 2009 when her 21-year-old son Nikolas sustained a life-threatening brain injury during a fight outside an Austin, Texas bar. He was on life-support for five days before Marissa, 44, had to make the terrifying decision to pull the plug. But before she did so, she was allowed to collect some of Nikolas' sperm. And so the weird science continues.

Marissa just wanted to fulfill her dream of becoming a grandmother, she says, and also claims she's making Nikolas' dream come true, too -- he's always wanted to be a dad. Marissa told The Sun: "The weekend before he died we were talking about what a great dad he would be. And we were saying I'd be a good grandma too. Then just a week later all that suddenly changed."

It changed when the judge ruled it was OK for doctors to take some of Nikolas' sperm so Marissa could impregnate a surrogate with her grandchild. She found a woman willing to be a part of this science fiction story at a Mexican clinic -- she's paying $29,000 for several attempts at pregnancy. Marissa has hand-picked the egg donor.

To me, this is wrong. I understand Marissa is in grief, but I don't think that making a baby that won't know its father or mother and will be raised only by its grandmother (Marissa is divorced and her ex-husband is against this) is a good idea. I would only think this is OK if Nikolas had signed a legal document saying he was cool with his mom taking his sperm and implanting it in a stranger. Other than that, I think this is close to grave robbing. Would we think it was acceptable if Marissa went into Nikolas' house and stole his TV? She's taking his gift of life and she's manipulating it for her benefit.

I think, like the ex-husband, that she's blinded by grief and trying to replace her son. I just hope someone stops her, and helps her heal, before it's too late. So far, there's been no report that her grandchild has been born or conceived.

Do you think a mother should be able to harvest her dead son's sperm, or no?

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kelli... kelli0585

I have one question:

Why would a lady from Austin, Texas give an interview to a United Kingdom tabloid, known for its outrageous, made-up stories?  Her son died in 2009.  This was in the news then.

Remember Botox mom?

And the picture on The Sun's page looks suspiciously photoshopped.  I suspect that the Sun is trying to revive an old story and claiming that they have the update.

Something's amiss.

Jamie Metzger-Maxaner

Honestly i dont and do feel like it wrong kinda on the fence...why not in my eyes she is just passing on a wounderful life she lost, but know this child will never know his father...its a hard one( no pun intended)

meatb... meatball77

Being a sperm donor isn't being a father.  Her son died and that's why he's not going to be a father.  Her using his sperm doesn't make him a father.  Not to mention that this is a freaky way to grieve



nonmember avatar blh

Omg this is disgusting and so wrong. What was wrong with that judge. I personally think someone shouldn't become a parent after they're DEAD. I have sympathy for wives who do this kinda thing after their husbands die but this is just creepy. I can't believe the judge allowed this without some sort of legal document. We really need to stop playing god.and meatball is right he is not a dad he's a sperm donor.

Aaron Mcelhatten

this is why china and india will surpass the USA. not because there are women who will do this, but because americans feel they need to tell everyone how to live their lives. 1 person in 350 million does one thing and suddenly its news? while we are busy blogging & twitting about nonsense other countries are actually making progress.

jalaz77 jalaz77

I think she may have some grieving issues. It's like she wants a 2nd chance with her son. It really isn't fair to take his sperm to implant some stranger so she can play grandma and explain to this child he/she will NEVER meet mom or dad cause there isn't one. It would be different if he were in a serious to almost married relationship and that girlfriend/wife agreed to mother a child because she wanted to. This woman needs a therapist not her sons sperm. 

jenny... jenny08_1015

I think it makes sense if a wife harvested her husbands sperm, but this story is odd.  If she wants a grandchild (that she is going to have to raise anyway,) she should just adopt.  Who cares if it has part of your DNA or not?

nonmember avatar Notselrach

I don't think it's any of your business what she does with her son's sperm! Get over it! we live in an era where many things are possible. She can grieve any way she wishes and it certainly does not hurt anyone else. It guarantees a continuance in an otherwise dead end blood line. Fifty years ago I would not have survived past 50. I have survived a horrendous motorcycle accident that left me with a artificial hip which works just fine, and my aorta from kidneys on down is plastic, due to an aortic aneurysm. These procedures have added 19 years to my life. I really get tired of the nay sayers in this world.....

rosy10 rosy10

People should never give advice about things they know nothing about.If you have never lost a child then you have'nt a clue what you are saying.This mother wants a grandchild,so what, as long as she takes care of the baby who cares.Its not any worse than adopting a baby.No she cannot replace her son but she will be comforted knowing this is her flesh and blood.I lost a son 17 years ago,he was 21 years old.If they would of had this back then i would of done it without hesitation.Imagine how much love this child will receive.So,god forbide you ever go throught this please do not judge this woman.

iam4you2 iam4you2

I think if she wanted to take his sperm and make a grandbaby then let it be!! I find nothing wrong with it. She is'nt harming anyone. 

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