Casey Anthony Trial Is About a Mother's Sacrifice


Casey Anthony trial

We all know what Casey Anthony sacrificed, at least in our minds. As closing arguments in the Casey Anthony Murder Trial continue this afternoon, many of us with children reached our own conclusions long ago, as we heard every unbelievable detail of a woman who was too young and too messed up to be a mother making choices that most of us find unfathomable. Prosecutor Jeff Ashton said in his closing arguments today:

"The evidence in this case proves beyond any reasonable doubt that Caylee Anthony decided on June 16 that something had to be sacrificed ... She died because her mother decided the life she wanted was more important."

A mother who willingly traded her child for her own life. Now juxtapose Casey to the other "mother" featured prominently in this trial -- Casey's own mother, Cindy -- and the whole tragic mess becomes even more confounding.

For all her screwed up priorities, naivete, or whatever else you want to call it for defending her daughter, Cindy Anthony is the only positive example of a mother in this trial.

Cindy Anthony may not believe her daughter is innocent of the crime, and yet she's defended her. She's testified for the defense, possibly even committed perjury for her. Meanwhile, her father, a retired cop, has been working for the prosecution. Not that I blame him -- his daughter has not only accused him of sexually abusing her but of also helping to help cover up Caylee's story that Caylee drowned in the family's pool -- none of which there is any evidence for. He loved that little girl more than life itself, and tried to take his own over it. He wants justice for that little girl, like everyone else.

Cindy Anthony has somehow found a way to look past that. Despite all the lies, all the changing versions, all the false accusations, and the ultimate death of her granddaughter in the most cruel of ways -- she still believes her daughter should be spared the ultimate fate. She's willing to risk everything -- her sense of justice, ethics, reputation, morality, her marriage (because how on earth could that survive after something like this) -- all for her daughter. Her daughter, who was once an innocent little girl, just like her granddaughter Caylee. Her daughter, who in some confused way is still innocent. Her daughter who is still and always will be her daughter.

Our daughters are really just images of ourselves perfected. When I think of my own daughter, not much older than Caylee when she died, there are very few things I could imagine her doing now or in the future that would alter her image in my eyes. Because there would always be an explanation that could rationalize it, some outside force beyond any control that made the mistake, not the inherent nature of the child herself. That is what we as mother's do. Most of us.

We might look at Cindy Anthony as clueless, conniving, immoral, or whatever other way you might label her based on what she's done through the trial, but on some very distant theoretical level I get it. And I can't say for certain that I would not do exactly the same thing in her shoes.

If only Casey Anthony had learned from that example and had been capable of being even half the mother her own is.

Is Cindy Anthony a good mom?

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poshkat poshkat

i would not say she is a bad mom or good mom. her mom instincts obviously came out to defend her daughter while on trial, why couldn't her motherly or grandmotherly instincts come out like this when caylee disappeared? i wont judge her so quickly as i do her daughter.

lucky... luckygirlyo

You've got to be kidding. I can't rationalize what she did. I can't. Children who don't take responsibility for their actions turn into adults that don't take responsibility for their actions. All I saw in this trial was a screwed up sociopath w a family that-well, was not a healthy family. Cindy lied at long last-but-really? I can't give her props as a mother. It's the most ridiculous notion.

nonmember avatar Dr. Cormack

Making excuses for a highly dysfunctional family is, in and or itself dysfunctional. Lying is lying. Any mother who is psychologically healthy with morality she claims as a ;Christian' would not lie to the point of committing perjury to save a sociopath. Even if that sociopath is family. The whole Anthony family is dysfunctional. Stop making excuses for the mother of the dead child, and the grandmother. Each made life choices; accept responsibility and be accountable for a lost life. If you want to talk about being a positive role model to other parents and children, then stop justifying a grandmother, who no doubt, taught her own daughter how to lie and coverup. Thank you.

tangl... tangleballlover

Cindy Anthony screwed her chances of the jury listening to her if her daughter is found guilty to beg for Casey's life by lying on the stand. Casey's attorney screwed Cindy even more, defaming her and calling  her a liar for the whole trial in his closing arguments.

Jo41 Jo41

hmmm, intersting point of view. I think it is one thing to by pass laws, judgement, truth, etc to save a daughter's life when the daughter is a victim. In this case, Casey is (most likely) not a victim. That is where I do not see Cindy's actions as something too positive. I see your point, though.

tracy... tracylynnr67

I love my sons with all of my heart but if they murdered someone, espeically their own child, there would be nothing in this universe to get me to stand by their side and defend what they did. I am a good mom, I just happen to morals and values and there is no defense for murder unless it is self defense. Her mother is a misguided woman who thinks that her daughter will love her if she defends her and stands by her side and I don't believe her daughter is capable of love.

hotic... hoticedcoffee

I guess if your definition of a 'good mom' begins and ends with being willing to lie for your sociopathic murderer daughter....

jpfsmom jpfsmom

No...she's not a good mum, but she's a mom to be sympathetic towards. She's lost her granddaughter (most likely at the hands of her own flesh n blood) she's about lose her daughter, she's making a last ditch effort to save her. It's pathetic, but it's the human heart which can be flawed at times...

1swee... 1sweetmommma

As a mom, I cannot commend her on any level. I feel sorry for her. She lost her grandbaby at the hands of her adult daughter, whom I imagine she still sees as her baby, but I have no doubt about where her baby learned dishonesty from.  I cannot justify or rationalize any of this. Even when my children do something minor, like pushing another child at school or at the park, I do not rush to defend them, those parents drive me crazy. I rush to instruct them about thier wrongs using discipline tempered wit love and understanding so that they learn compassion, responsibility, and that there are consequences for thier actions. It's obviouse to me now that Casey did not have this growing up, which is NO excuse for what she did, but maybe an explanation as to why Casey has grown to be a manipulative, dishonest, babykiller."It's okay, Mommy will defend me. Mommy will lie for me. Mommy will make my excuses for me". She has NO concept of ANY of those qualities and apparently no concept of concquences. Maybe her parents DO share the guilt here.

Brroo... Brroookkkkeeeee

I'm sorry but Casey is innocent...It was a tragic accident that snowballed out of control! George Anthony is a monster who lied from day one on that stand and I hope the jury comes back not guilty or they are hung! All HE does is LIE LIE LIE just like his daughter!

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