Man Struck by Lightning Six Times Deserves a Medal

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Melvin Roberts has been hit six times.
If your name is Melvin Roberts and you're from Seneca, South Carolina, being struck by lightning once doesn't freak you out. Twice? No problem. Three times? Now this is kind of weird. Four times? Seriously, what are the odds? FIVE times? Cheese and rice! SIX TIMES? Roberts, 58, was hit again, for the sixth time earlier this week and doggonit, he's still alive and kicking.

At this point I think there needs to be an inquisition into this man's obvious super human strength and will to live. I mean, is he somehow harnessing the power of each bolt that hits him? His story is out of this world.


They say the odds of being struck by lightning twice is one in nine million -- and it's impossible to calculate the odds of being struck SIX times. Roberts is by all counts an anomaly, and if you ask me, a GD super hero.

For the record, I'd be in an underground bunker after my second strike so fast you wouldn't even have time to smell my hair and my shoes burning. I'd be convinced someone was out to get me, and that they wouldn't stop trying to hit me until I'm dead. Who, exactly, would be trying to kill me via thunderbolts is up for debate, but Zeus would be on my short list. (Oh, it's crazy to think a Greek God would be trying to kill me? Well I've been theoretically struck by lightning twice, so really, anything is within the realm of possibility, people.)

Anyway, Roberts is recovering in South Carolina hospital after Monday's strike and is doing fine. This one wasn't as bad as the fifth, it seems. The last time this happened in 2007 things got weird, fast. He was simply going to feed his chickens under clear conditions. He explains to WYFF4 in S.C.:

I went to cover my chickens up, and I believe it was clear. But when I woke up, I was all bloody and burned and confused and had my little chickens lying with their feet up.

Poor chickies! And of course, poor Roberts. He isn't sure if he'll be struck for a seventh time, but there's no doubt in my mind this guy's going down again. I'm sorry. I gotta play the odds here and say he's getting another jolt in less than three years. I wish he'd stay indoors!

God bless you, Melvin, you deserve a medal for your bravery. Just, for crying out loud, keep that medal in your basement and never go near it. Wouldn't want to increase your chances of another strike, know what I mean?

Lightning photo via Leszek.Leszczynski/Flickr, Roberts photo via

WATCH Melvin Roberts explain his luck:

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