Casey Anthony Finally Does the Right Thing

gavel courtFor the grief-stricken Anthony family and all of us obsessed trial watchers, things are really coming to a head in the Casey Anthony case. Today, the defense rested, and, presumably at some suggestion from her attorney José Baez and the rest of her defense team, Casey has finally done something right. She decided NOT to take the stand in her own defense.

Casey Anthony failed to report her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee, missing for 31 days, lied to her family, volunteer search teams, and police investigators tirelessly looking for Caylee when Casey knew she was dead, and, well -- depending how you see things -- possibly murdered her daughter, made up a story about an accidental drowning, and then attempted to throw her father under the bus for hiding the body. However, today, by choosing NOT to take the witness stand, Casey finally made a good decision.

Even though this good decision probably won't get her off.


If Casey Anthony decided to take the stand, I think it would have really hurt her already ailing defense case, which has basically presented no proof or even half proof of her defense story (I know, I know, all they have to do is prove a reasonable doubt, but still!).

For one, it's a well-known and undeniable fact that Casey is a compulsive liar. It seems hard for her to EVER tell the truth. For this reason, I don't think having her spew out her story, fake or not, would do much to win over the jury. They'd be taking everything she said with a grain of salt because everything she says is already automatically questionable. Why put her up there and give her a chance to prove that or possibly let the prosecution catch her in another lie? Of course, this also means the accidental drowning defense remains completely unsubstantiated, but frankly, Casey giving her account is just as good as unsubstantiated anyway.

On the emotional side of things, putting Casey on the stand would just put her family through more intense, excruciating, and most likely lie-filled hours of turmoil. Her mom, dad, and brother surely already know that Casey is guilty of SOMETHING and, therefore, dread a death penalty outcome (yes, I think they still love her and care about her life in spite of it all). Why make them endure more and drag the agony out? Just let the defense's story lie. Because it probably is a lie.

So what's going to happen now? Will closing remarks reveal anything revelatory? Will Casey Anthony be convicted? And if so, will she receive the death penalty? We'll have to stay tuned to find out, but I don't things look good for Casey.

Do you think Casey Anthony should have taken the stand?


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