Senate Celebrates Fourth of July in Most Patriotic Way Yet

US SenateThe Fourth of July is just a few days away, and so it's appropriate that today we take some time to celebrate America's true heroes. Can I suggest we put Harry Reid up there on the list? The Senate majority leader just canceled the Fourth of July recess for the Senate, requiring that all 100 legislators get their rear ends back to Washington by Tuesday. Finally! Someone teaches the Senate what it's like to be an average American working stiff!


So while you're staggering around with a bothersome headache from too many blasting caps (and perhaps a wee bit too much booze), our Senators will have their butts in the seats in the Capitol building. They won't have time to live it up for the fourth, because they'll be hammering out the details surrounding our country's $14 trillion -- yes, I said TRILLION -- debt, which is creeping ever closer to the national debt ceiling, the top limit of what the government can borrow (essentially the point at which our government is flat broke). Sounds about right to me!

Oh go ahead, moan and groan that Senators are going to have a tough time staying up late for their July 4th fireworks and their canoodling with important donors over beer and barbecue in a backyard back in their home state, then jet to D.C. by morning to be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed in time for the "bed-check" vote that Reid has planned for the 5th. It's unpatriotic! They're Senators! They, of all people, should be showing up at parades and fireworks shows. They'll be letting their constituents down by skipping out on speeches, and leaving floats empty.

I did mention our debt is well over $14 trillion, right? Excuse me for not feeling bad about your parade. When disasters happen at work, we tend to miss out on the fun stuff at home. The kid's soccer games. The dance recitals. Pizza night. That's why our bosses keep us around, because we stick around when the going gets tough.

Right now, life is tough. The economy is a disaster, and the national debt is, can I repeat it? Almost to our debt ceiling? It's that "skip the kid's soccer game" moment. They're lucky they even get the 4th off at all; regular joes like us would have to work straight through the weekend rebuilding a crashed computer system or mucking out a flooded office basement.

If our Senators want us to keep voting for them, er, employing them, the ultimate place for our legislators to celebrate our nation's birthday is Washington, D.C., where they can get back to work quickly and somehow maybe, possibly figure out a way to avoid bumping up that debt ceiling and borrowing MORE money. We don't pay them to wave from convertibles and check out pretty sparkles in the sky.

What's your read on this? Can you believe the Senators were even planning a vacation?


Image via andrew malone/Flickr

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