Michele Bachmann's John Quincy Adams Gaffe Is Proof She Can't Lead (VIDEO)

michele bachmann good morning americaIf you've been listening to just about anything she says, it's clear that Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann's star may be falling just as quickly as it's risen. Given her recent "John" gaffes -- on John Wayne Gacy vs. John Wayne, then on John Quincy Adams possibly hopping in a DeLorean to not only hang out with his dad and George Washington as a Founding Father, but to also chill with Abe Lincoln and "work tirelessly until slavery was no more" -- it's almost as if she's trying to outdo each slip-up she makes, one after the other in quick succession. It's the kind of track record that practically puts blooper-pro boneheads like George W. Bush and Sarah Palin to shame. (In fact, Bachmann holds the the worst record of any of the presidential contenders for making false statements.) You almost feel bad for her.


I say almost because when she was given the chance yesterday on Good Morning America to admit that she was wrong, then wrong again, she decided to stand by and DEFEND her blundered statements.

When George Stephanopoulos prodded her to clarify what the hell she was talking about in regard to John Quincy Adams (sixth PotUS circa 1825-29) being a Founding Father, she decided to claim that Adams was "certainly part of the Revolutionary War era ... He was a young boy but he was actively involved." Huh?? Well, he was the son of second President and Founding Father John Adams, but at the signing of the Declaration of Independence, JQA was all of 9 years old. And she also continues to argue that he was instrumental in "eradicating slavery," which officially occurred in 1863, 15 years after he died. Oy. Vey.

Who does that?! I'll tell ya who. Someone who is NOT prepared to be President of the United States.

Her stubborn refusal to admit she's wrong paired with the backtracking and twisted, circular logic is proof positive that Bachmann would be a nightmarish leader.

No matter what your political affiliation, we can all agree that we want a leader who will be honest with us, who can admit that they've screwed up. A President of the U.S. who can't admit and learn from their mistakes is not only useless but dangerous! Hello, LBJ and Nixon -- two presidents who couldn't admit that the Vietnam War was a mistake, that it was time to get the hell out of there. And so more men were sent off to fight and die in that money pit of a war. Or how about all these Republicans who are so hot for Reaganomics (aka tax cuts for the wealthy), a policy that has proved a failure time and again?

It's embarrassingly clear that Michele Bachmann doesn't know anything about history, but we as U.S. voters should. And when it comes to electing a president who not only doesn't have a clue, but can't admit she doesn't -- well, it's obviously our best interest not to let history repeat itself. 

If you want to cringe some more, here's the video of her interview with Stephanopolous.


What do you think -- is it a bad sign she can't admit she's wrong?


Image via ABC News

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