FYI, Michele Bachmann: John Wayne Isn't an American Hero


michele bachmannI'm sure by now you've heard the one about Michele Bachmann and John Wayne Gacy. How she promised to mimic the spirit of Waterloo, Iowa's own John Wayne. Except that John Wayne was actually John Wayne Gacy, the clown-dressing serial killer. Different strokes, I guess.

No, truth be told, Bachmann may hate gays, think the American Revolution started in New Hampshire, and believe God personally chose her to be one of the 2012 Republican presidential candidates, but she obviously didn't mean to compare herself to a mass murderer.

She meant to compare herself to a draft-dodging sexist racist.

Bachmann copped to the mix-up and said, "The point is John Wayne represents patriotism -- and great American values," and that she is "proud to have grown up in John Wayne's America." Either Bachmann knows nothing about John Wayne -- or she's even scarier than we all thought.

Here's the truth about John Wayne, the actor:

He dodged the draft. When Pearl Harbor happened, John Wayne was basking in the success of Stagecoach. But he wasn't rich yet. By Hollywood standards, he was still considered a "struggling actor." He knew that if he enlisted in the military, his career would lose its momentum, and by the time he got back, he'd be considered "too old." So he obtained 3-A status, "deferred for [family] dependency reasons," and pretended he was in the war in his movies.

He was a (rampant) racist. In his infamous Playboy interview, the actor said -- among other things -- that he "believes in white supremacy until blacks are educated to a point of responsibility." Words of a fine American.

He was pro-illegal alien. Piggy-backing off his racism, in the same interview, John Wayne also felt that the Native Americans were "selfishly trying to keep American land for themselves." Wonder what his stance would be on illegal aliens today.

He was mean and irresponsible. Apparently, Hollywood directors knew to shoot Wayne's movie scenes before noon, because after that, he was a "mean drunk."

He was sexist. A famous John Wayne quote: “Women have the right to work wherever they want, as long as they have the dinner ready when you get home.” So, if you (God forbid) win the presidency, Michele, I hope you have a list of 30-minute dinners -- it'll be hard to do both!

What do you think of Michele Bachmann wanting to be like John Wayne?


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bills... billsfan1104

Oh God, cant you guys at theStir, think for yourselves??? Why another article about her?? Ms Sager clearly pointed out that you guys cannot write another article about the same subject, and that is why she never denounced Wonkette. And here it is another article on Michelle Bachman with the same exact subject.

nonmember avatar zach

John wayne (the Duke) aint a racist or a sexiest. Back in the day thats how ppl were brought up to think and do. The man worked his ass off to have roof over his familys head and food on the table and the women took care of the kids and house. John wayne was just Made in America.

nonmember avatar Irony2

Wow I had no idea but not surprised. Thanks for the info. The lady seems rather confused, I don't find her nor any of the Republicans presidential. I will vote for Barack again.

nonmember avatar Monte Poitevint

Who, and for that matter why, would anyone chose to read this leftist drivel?

nonmember avatar Tim

I heard she was really born in Canada . Giggles

nonmember avatar halo

I suggest you CHECK FACTS:
Wayne was exempted from service due to his age and family status, classified as 3-A (family deferment). Wayne's secretary recalled making inquiries of military officials on behalf of his interest in enlisting, He repeatedly wrote to John Ford, asking to be placed in Ford's military unit,
Correspondence between Wayne and Herbert J. Yates (the head of Republic) indicates Yates threatened Wayne with a lawsuit if he walked away from his contract, though the likelihood of a studio suing its biggest star for going to war was minute. Whether or not the threat was real, (draft eligible), but apparently Republic Pictures intervened directly, requesting his further deferment.[39] In May, 1944, Wayne was reclassified as 1-A (draft eligible), but the studio obtained another 2-A deferment (for "support of national health, safety, or interest").
Wayne was in the South Pacific theater of the war for three months in 1943–44, touring U.S. bases and hospitals, as well as doing some work for OSS commander William J. "Wild Bill" Donovan,

nonmember avatar Cole Wilson

Well said- I wish more people had this view of John Wayne. There is nothing admirable about him; was was a racist pig and his movies are nothing but plotless, unrealistic scapegoats to promote his fake 'hero' character.

nonmember avatar CEE Taylor

Another painted face on an empty head... shades of Sarah P. NOT presidential material.

Wonde... Wonderlust

My grand father once worked at a hotel in Atlanta where John Wayne was staying. He had to deliver a letter to his door. My grandfather said he was drunk and an a-hole. Soon after that my grandpa was in the Korean war.  I wouldn't compare anything to JW. Just goes to show you how Hollywood can snooker everyone.

nonmember avatar shelley

wow @billsfan1104, how's your reading comprehension. this article is about how John Wayne is a racist sexist pig who Bachmann shouldn't want to compare herself to. The other one i just read on this site by ms. sager was about how Bachmann doesn't take the time to make sure what she's says is true or simply doesn't have the smarts and then gives a gunny glance at what her presidency could be. two COMPLETELY different articles. just because something contains a few of the same words, doesn't make it the same story.

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