Michele Bachmann Is a 'Flake' Because She's a Woman


michele bachmannNow that Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) is officially in it (the 2012 presidential election) to win it, that doesn't mean everyone is treating her with the respect of an official presidential candidate. Take FOX News' Chris Wallace, who interviewed her in a way that left audiences puzzled.

After briefly noting how Bachmann has a track record of gaffes, he asked her flat-out, "Are you a flake?" The presidential candidate was able to spin her answer to tactfully explain her background, but then Wallace followed-up his jarring inquiry with another patronizing question: "Do you recognize that now that you are in the spotlight in a way that you weren't before that you have to be careful?"

Huh. Is Wallace Bachmann's overly-concerned grandmother or a journalist?

To be fair, the reporter did make an apology for the way in which he interviewed Bachmann, saying, "If my question got in the way of what I think is a good interview, as I say, I didn't do it right." But his "sorry" doesn't change the fact that there's a strange, but prevalent underlying theme here. Despite being more and more visible on campaign trails, female politicians are still being treated differently by the media.

The last presidential election in '08 seemed like a game-changer. With Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin as top-tier contenders then, you'd think that almost four years later -- with 82 percent of Americans saying they'll vote for a woman for president -- the media may have outgrown the mindless conversations about pantsuits vs. skirt suits, who is the sexier female candidate vs. who is the Wicked Witch, etc. But judging from Wallace's patronizing approach, we haven't really come as far as we should have by now.

As Greta Van Susteren wondered, "Is this how Chris Wallace would ask the same question of a man?"

Can you see any journalist asking Herman Cain if he's actually serious about getting out of the pizza biz? Or critiquing Tim Pawlenty's tie? I can't recall anyone ever blatantly asking George W. Bush if he is an airhead.

Until that starts happening, and ignorantly worded, condescending questions are asked of ALL politicians, you gotta call it sexism when you see it. Forget Wallace's apology. Bachmann, Palin, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi and anyone who isn't a man in D.C. has, at one point, been treated like a "silly little woman" who has a pipe dream of winning a public office. It's outrageous, and if this country has any hopes of moving forward, it can't happen in the first place.

Here's a quick video of the Bachmann interview yesterday ...

Do you think journalists treat female candidates differently from male ones?


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Yes I do and I find it most unfair and very unprofessional. I think her answer was PERFECT. I've never heard a reporter ask a man what he read or if he was a flake. Or who was going to stay home and take care of the kids.

bela516 bela516

I am a woman in a "man's" profession as well and I am often treated with a condescending attitude and a verbal pat on the head or dismissed because I couldn't possibly be as good at or better at my job than a man could be. 

It is insulting and until we treat everyone the same - meaning, let's not talk about a female candidate's clothes, hair etc if we would not be discussing the same thing about a male candidate.  Until we stop making the focus on a male candidate, the issues but the focus of a female candidate, what color suit she is wearing or question how she can be a good mother and a candidate at the same time (I have yet to hear of someone questioning whether a male candidate can be a good father and run for office) then we aren't ever going to see true equality.

bills... billsfan1104

What do you expect, when you yourself Ms Brown call her names and Sarah Palin names, and call Bristol a liar. How is the male dominated media suppose to act?? You have Ed Schultz calling Laura Ingram a right wing slut(twice), Wonkette making fun of Sarah Palin's son and her as well, you have the main stream media continuesly refer to republican women as inept and stupid. You had the media and the Obama supporters trash the living shit out of HIllary Clinton. So until we as women, respect each other and agree to disagree without CALLING NAMES, and realize that we all have differetn experinces to get us to our beliefs, we cannot expect men to treat us with respect.

John Spriggs

She is a flake and palin is too......Ya can't fix STUPID and those two are stupid

Annie Stoecker

Well, for one thing, the title of this post is VERY offensive. Are women treated differently by the media? You betcha! And the majority of the public eats it up. It's good for ratings. That's good for business. And isn't that the "American Way"? As a liberal democrat, I would never vote for Palin or Bachmann because of ideological differences, however I think we need to examine our knee-jerk reaction of calling everyone who does not agree with us "stupid". Like them or not, these women are accomplished and powerful in their own right. Do I want them running the country? No. But as women, let's give props where props are due: these women can't be all that dumb and we shouldn't be so eager to denounce them as such.

thudt... thudthud88

Case and point-notice how the only MAN to comment @John Spriggs of course goes straight to calling women stupid.

nonmember avatar Jay

The first man to post didn't call women stupid, just two particular women.

Bachmann is a goof, Palin is a moron and Pelosi should never have reached her current position...

That said, Weiner is also a goof, Rangel has long outlasted any competence he may have ever had and Newt Gingrich recently demonstrated more stupidity than even Palin can usually muster.

Calling two women stupid doesn't mean a person considers all women stupid... and you're kind of stupid for having come to such an illogical conclusion.

Lauren Wasinger

I'm a woman and I think Bachmann is a flake. Sorry, but the words coming out of her own mouth are giving me that impression, not anything a journalist said. Same goes for Palin. She made herself sound like a ditz, no one else had to do it for her. Was the question rude? Yep, sure was. Does the media treat women differently from men? I agree, they certainly do. But no one will take that complaint seriously until we rally behind an example of a sensible, intelligent, well-spoken woman being patronized by a male journalist. Bachmann is not that woman. Find a different sword to fall on. 

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