Empire State Building Gets Rainbow Festive for Gay Marriage

IEmpire State Building rainbowt's a historic evening in New York, where they finally passed the same-sex marriage bill in a 33 to 29 Senate vote. And look! Even the Empire State Building is happy about the news, all wrapped in a multicolored rainbow glow.

Okay, okay, this exciting win for the gay-rights movement is not the real reason why the landmark building is all a-glow. It was already decked out in rainbow lights in preparation for NYC Gay Pride this weekend. But hey, it worked out pretty awesomely. Makes the city's celebrations in the name of marriage equality extra festive tonight.


For gay people and families in New York, this is a day of joy and vindication. Finally, gay and lesbian couples can marry (well, in about 30 days when all the pesky paperwork is out of the way), and it's been a long time coming. This vote marks a huge step toward equal rights in the United States (hoping soon my home state of California will finally make it happen -- again!), and I can only hope that by the time my kids are old enough to understand all this, they will look back at today and shake their heads because they can't believe it took us freaky deaky old-timey crazy ridiculous people so darn long to finally finally get it right.

Great work, New York!

Are you excited about this news from New York tonight?


Image via Empire State Building

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