Lucky Woman Dies at Her Own Funeral


coffin cross starsSeeking the craziest story you'll hear all month? Well, here it is! A 49-year-old Russian woman, Fagilyu Mukhametzyanov, was recently pronounced dead after collapsing with chest pains. Her family, I assume, took care of all the delicate details for the dearly departed, but as she lay in her coffin and mourners lined up to pay their respects, she came back to life!!!

But then the shock of it all totally gave her a heart attack and killed her for reals. W ... T ... F ...?

How does this happen (and please never let it happen to me)? Aren't there fancy medical tools that, you know, take a person's pulse? Wouldn't her heart have been beating? No one could see her BREATHING? Not the family, not the medical staff, not the mortician who laid her out in a coffin? I do not understand.

It's such a sad story because maybe the woman could have been saved had they known she was alive. However, if something like this had to happen, I think she's pretty darn lucky she died the way she did.

Just think about it. Had Mukhametzyanov come to just a few hours later than that moment at her funeral service, god knows where she might have woken up. I mean, depending on her family's funeral traditions, she might very well have awoken inside a closed coffin under six feet of dirt. {Shivers} Or possibly worse yet, naked on a cold steel mortuary table about to be drained of all bodily fluids. {Nausea} Or still worse, strapped down inside a fiery cremation oven. {Hold me}

Ack! This is the stuff that makes nightmares!

I just have to say, if a doctor does ever pull a major FAIL like this on me, please let me come to in the presence of all the people I love and cherish. Let me be kicking it in a fancy coffin surrounded by flowers, wearing my loveliest dress, while the most important people in my life, a long line of them all looking gloriously chic in black, pop by to stroke my cheek, caress my hands, say a prayer, and tell me how much they love me. Please! In fact, that doesn't sound half bad -- I mean, IF it's your time to go and all ...

What do you think of this story? Think she got lucky?

Image via Meanest Indian/Flickr

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Joe Pavone

I think it's poppycock.
Shot full of gunk to preserve her, and she comes to life?
Leave it to the Ruslies to come up with this one.

Kendr... Kendrewana

I completely agree with Joe. I don't believe this is possible. 

Beths... Bethsunshine

Bull!! If she was enbalmed, she'd be dead.

ashjo85 ashjo85

I saw this on CNN today, it happened. Maybe embalming/autopsies aren't standard practice there? I'm venturing a guess that neither was attempted, they declared her dead and put her in the box and went to bury her.

knfisch knfisch

It's also possible, as the author states, that they do the embalming and such after the funeral. Or she was going to be cremated, in which case no embalming would be done. And if she had heart problems or any serious illness maybe they didn't do an autopsy because it would be an open and shut case.

Zahra Shah

muslims dont embalm so maybe they didnt either - but hard to believe non the less

Rhiannon Sawhney

Are we sure they embalm in Russia? If true, maybe she needed to see her family pay their respects in order to go in peace?

Kersten Kersten

People: it happened in Russia.  Not all cultures embalm their dead.

Katie... Katie1025

If she was Muslim, their tradition is to bury their dead as quick as possible, within 24 hours I believe, and I don't think they believe in I can totally believe this. What a horrible thing to go through.

Julia Dreadfulwater

If it is a true story I dont think she was lucky at all.... I think she had very bad luck to be pronounced dead then came back alive only to have a heart attack. Sure she died in her coffin but I bet she wasnt thinking "oh what a lovely send off my family is giving me, I can die for real now" she probably thought "Omigod they're trying to kill me" and her poor family, its hard enough to lose a family member but to have her come back to life at the funeral and die again, thats pretty traumatic NOT LUCKY.... I know the author is saying she was lucky to "wake up"where she did instead of somewhere else but lucky would have been if she lived.....

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