Lucky Woman Dies at Her Own Funeral

coffin cross starsSeeking the craziest story you'll hear all month? Well, here it is! A 49-year-old Russian woman, Fagilyu Mukhametzyanov, was recently pronounced dead after collapsing with chest pains. Her family, I assume, took care of all the delicate details for the dearly departed, but as she lay in her coffin and mourners lined up to pay their respects, she came back to life!!!

But then the shock of it all totally gave her a heart attack and killed her for reals. W ... T ... F ...?

How does this happen (and please never let it happen to me)? Aren't there fancy medical tools that, you know, take a person's pulse? Wouldn't her heart have been beating? No one could see her BREATHING? Not the family, not the medical staff, not the mortician who laid her out in a coffin? I do not understand.

It's such a sad story because maybe the woman could have been saved had they known she was alive. However, if something like this had to happen, I think she's pretty darn lucky she died the way she did.


Just think about it. Had Mukhametzyanov come to just a few hours later than that moment at her funeral service, god knows where she might have woken up. I mean, depending on her family's funeral traditions, she might very well have awoken inside a closed coffin under six feet of dirt. {Shivers} Or possibly worse yet, naked on a cold steel mortuary table about to be drained of all bodily fluids. {Nausea} Or still worse, strapped down inside a fiery cremation oven. {Hold me}

Ack! This is the stuff that makes nightmares!

I just have to say, if a doctor does ever pull a major FAIL like this on me, please let me come to in the presence of all the people I love and cherish. Let me be kicking it in a fancy coffin surrounded by flowers, wearing my loveliest dress, while the most important people in my life, a long line of them all looking gloriously chic in black, pop by to stroke my cheek, caress my hands, say a prayer, and tell me how much they love me. Please! In fact, that doesn't sound half bad -- I mean, IF it's your time to go and all ...

What do you think of this story? Think she got lucky?

Image via Meanest Indian/Flickr

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